New pet laws for ACT units

Renters will find it easier to keep pets at home, with regulations around pet ownership relaxed under new laws for ACT units.

The recent amendment of pet rules and other strata legislation was a move to put the rights of owners ‘front and centre’ in the governance of strata and owners corporations.

What do the amendments mean if I live in ACT units?

If you rent in the ACT, you may now keep an animal in your rental property, provided the animal is an assistance animal.

If your pet is not an assistance animal, you may still keep the animal, provided your owners corporation rules include a pet-friendly rule, and that you keep your pet in accordance with that rule.

The owners corporation may also consent to your animal being kept with – or without – conditions.

Pets that may be kept at home include amphibians, birds, fish, mammals or reptiles.

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You must inform the owners corporation in writing that you are keeping an animal in your unit within 14 days from the day you first bring the pet into the unit.

The owners corporation is also required to respond to any request for pet ownership in writing. If you’re granted consent (subject to conditions), those conditions must be stated clearly.

If your request to keep a pet in your rental is denied, the reasons for that refusal must also be provided.

In some occasions, the decision-making power could be delegated to the executive committee – but if no action is taken within weeks from the request, then the owners corporation is taken to have consented to your request to keep a pet.

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