With the holiday season upon us, entertaining and hosting guests is on a lot of people’s minds. One thing to make sure of when you’re having people over is that your house smells great!


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1. Stove Top Simmer

Stove top simmers are a great way to quickly fill your home with rich aromas. Depending on the time of year and your own preferences, you can always find a lot of simple recipes online, but for the holiday season a simple mixture of cinnamon sticks, apples, cloves, and oranges always work great.

Stove simmer from How Sweet It Is.

2. Bake Something

What’s more welcoming than the smell of freshly baked cookies? Nothing. If you know ahead of time that people are coming over, bake a batch of cookies and have your place smelling positively delectable when they arrive.

The best soft chocolate chip cookies from Pinch of Yum.

3. Cook Something

If baking isn’t your thing, cook something that you know smells good. Chicken, turkey, anything with a few spices or a simmering soup are all guaranteed to make your house smell delicious and will get your guests excited for the meal to come.

Mini chicken pot pies from My Name Is Yeh.

4. Diffusers

These come in many styles and types and can even be made by you or your kids. The smells can be completely customized to your personal tastes and are easy to switch out when you get tired of them.

Diffuser from Vitruvi
Diffuser from Tanda Modern

5. Candles

Scented candles or natural beeswax candles create beautiful smells and come in an endless number of scents. They’re also a great way to set the mood and create a more cozy atmosphere in your home.

Candles from Freight Household Goods
DIY scented candles from Fall For DIY
DIY scented candles from Fall For DIY

6. Room Spray

Buy or prepare a simple room spray that can be spritzed around just before your guests arrive. The scent will get caught in your furniture and release subtle hints of the smell as people move around and brush against it.

Room Sprays from Restoration Hardware

7. Burn Incense

Burning incense is an easy way to quickly fill your house with rich aromas that linger for hours. Make sure you have just the right incense burner so you don’t have a dusty mess to clean up afterwards.

Incense Burner No 1 from Lonewa

8. Hang a Wall Hanging

A hanging of herbs or scented greenery is a great way to decorate your house for the holidays and fill it with relaxing scents of eucalyptus, rosemary or pine.

DIY eucalyptus wall hanging from Stories. Photography by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

9. Grind Coffee

If you’re having people over early in the day, grind some coffee just before they get there to fill your house with the energizing smell. You’ll also have freshly ground coffee to offer your guests which will give you extra host(ess) points.

home smell
Manual Coffee Grinder from JavaPresse – available through Amazon.

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