Low maintenance apartment dogs

Do you live in a small apartment but love dogs? Good news – the size of your space doesn’t mean you need to give up on your pet ownership dreams.

Guest post by Petsecure

Dogs are a man’s best friend and having the company of a dog is probably one of the best experiences you will encounter in your life. Many people feel that dogs need larger spaces to live, but that’s not always true. A few breeds of dogs are perfectly capable of living in smaller areas. They are quiet, easy to handle, maintain and groom.

1 – Pug

Being small in size, a pug will fit perfectly in your apartment. They’re curious by nature and known to adjust well to their surroundings. Some pugs love exploring the outdoors, whereas others love being lazy, sleeping all day and snoring. They generally don’t bark loudly, love socialising with everyone and love being cuddled. Remember that pugs can have trouble breathing due to their short snouts, so they may need extra care in the summer months to keep them safe.

2 – Greyhound

Greyhounds are tall and lean. There’s a common misconception that greyhounds are not good apartment pets, but greyhounds are couch potatoes! They don’t need to be too physically active and make an excellent partner to relax with at home. That said, they do need exercise at least twice a day. Consider adoption from a greyhound rescue organisation.

3 – Chihuahua

If you’ve seen Legally Blonde, you’ll know the Chihuahua is perhaps one of the most miniature apartment-friendly dogs on this list. These dogs are low maintenance and can be carried around in your handbag. Chihuahuas love attention but may not be the ideal pet if you have children around. They can be loud and need grooming once a week, but they make a good apartment dog.

4 – Great Dane

Great Danes are quiet, calm, patient and friendly dogs. Despite their tall, lean physique, they’re not hugely physical and will be entirely at home in an apartment space. They’re not small and may require their own couch, but their nature is lazy and relaxed. Keep in mind that these dogs will eat a lot of food and be a little slobbery.

5 – Daschund 

Daschunds are clever, friendly, playful and loyal to their owners. They gain weight quickly, so ensure they get their daily walks and avoid over-eating. Daschunds make an excellent pet for families living in apartments.

6 – Bull Mastiff

The Bull Mastiff is another apartment-friendly breed. This dog is low maintenance, and their short coat means they don’t shed much hair. Exercise is essential to avoid weight gain, together with consistent obedience training. Bull Mastiffs are calm, loyal and protective. If you live in an apartment and have children, they’re a good choice – unless your kids are very young. This isn’t a small dog, and it may be hard for the little ones to control them. Originally bred to defend against intruders, the Bull Mastiff won’t bark unless there’s a genuine danger.

7 – English Bulldog

One of the laziest breeds on this list, the English Bulldog is a protective, calm breed. They’re not fond of too much physical exercise, won’t bark much and love sleeping. English Bulldogs are child-friendly, comfortable in small spaces and will enjoy sleeping on your couch most of the day.

8 – Basenji

Originally bred for hunting, a Basenji’s ears perk up as soon as they hear something suspicious. They are medium-sized dogs that are curious, playful and affectionate, and will protect their owner. The Basenji has cat-like tendencies – they’ll groom themselves and are prone to escape. They’re perfect for apartments as they don’t shed hair, don’t bark and will keep you safe.

9 – Shiba Inu Husky Mix

This is a mixed breed of a Shiba Inu and a Husky. A medium-sized dog, this breed sheds a lot of hair twice a year and will require daily brushing but is otherwise low maintenance. They won’t bark, except for the occasional loud noise if displeased with something. While their ideal environment might be a larger home, they can be kept in apartments if provided with stimulation and daily walks.

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In conclusion, this list includes small, medium and large-sized low maintenance dogs that would be happy to live with you in your small apartment or home. That said, it’s not a complete list, so consult your vet for advice if you’re in doubt about the suitability of your environment for a pet.

Don’t forget: Every dog, regardless of size or living conditions, must be given at least two daily walks to keep them stimulated, healthy and well-socialised.


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  1. Nice article, thanks for this. For sure there is a very common misconception that large dogs require a large property, and that only small dogs are suitable for apartments. Some small dogs like Jack Russells are particularly active and probably won’t do well in an apartment. A thing to note with Shiba Inus is that they can be kind of aggressive with other nearby dogs.