The average Australian household is currently feeling the pinch with bills and groceries getting more expensive.

We’ve got your back with some killer money-saving hacks to stretch those dollars further. Check it out below!

First things first, create a budget!

Take control of your cash flow and do a deep dive into your income and expenses – pull up that bank account and let’s see where your moneys going. Spot any unnecessary expenses?  Time to cut them out!  

Divvy up your dough for the essentials – rent, utilities, groceries – and don’t forget to still throw in a little for fun stuff. If there’s any extra cash left in those buckets by the end of the month, stash it away in your savings. Building that nest egg, one savvy move at a time!

Cut unnecessary expenses

Let’s chat about those monthly subscriptions and memberships. It’s easy to overlook $5 here and $10 there, but trust us, it all adds up over the year! Consider only subscribing to one streaming service at a time, review any subscriptions you may have on your phone for apps and determine if they are necessary.

Now, about that weekend take-away habit – sure, it’s convenient, but those meal delivery services can hit you with crazy delivery and service fees. Before you know it, your meal turns into a splurge. How about switching it up? Hit the supermarket during the week, grab some ingredients, and cook up a delicious meal. Bonus: You’ll probably have leftovers for lunch the next day! Double win!

Own your grocery shop

Let’s talk grocery game plan! Keep an eye out for specials and buy seasonal produce. If you find your fruit and veg end up sitting at the bottom of the crisper going bad, buy frozen – they are just as nutritious as fresh fruit and veg!

Most grocery stores have a rewards program, and they are worth joining. Think exclusive discounts and the chance to rack up points for future shopping trips.

Meal prep is your money-saving superhero. Spend a bit of time on a lazy Sunday prepping your meals for the week. Not only does it save cash, but it also keeps you from splurging on pricey work lunches. Time and money saved – look at you go!

What if we told you you could earn rewards just by doing your groceries, all thanks to RentPay and Paylab? As a RentPay user, you have the ability to supercharge your shopping experience by earning rewards at Australia’s top retailers, both in-store and online. And better still, you can use those rewards to pay your rent or bolster your RentPay buffer. Find out more here.

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Keep an eye on electricity and water usage

Okay, let’s dive into the wisdom behind your parents’ classic “turn off the lights” mantra. It’s not just a nag; it’s a money-saving magic trick! Seriously, flicking those switches and powering down appliances when they’re not in use can save you more bucks than you might realize!

Now, peek at your dishwasher and washing machine habits. Dodge peak times, and here’s a cool move – go for the cold wash. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also wallet-friendly. Pricey energy bills, be gone! Check out some more tips to save on your water bills.

Enjoy the benefits of public transport

Be green and give both the environment and your wallet some love – opt for the train or bus if you can swing it. Think of it as a chance to relax and read a book instead of being stuck in the morning traffic grind on your way to work!

Ready to embrace a car-free lifestyle for the long term? We’ve made it easy. Each rental property on comes with a walkability rating, allowing you to make an informed decision about your future location.

Negotiate bills and look for new utility providers

We get it – calling up your service providers might seem a bit like a task, but trust us, it’s worth the effort. Start with the big guns – utilities, internet, insurances. Check if there’s a provider flaunting lower fees and throw that challenge to your current one – maybe they’ll match it or even sweeten the deal!

Hot tip: If your energy bills spark more anxiety than joy, bill smoothing through RentPay is a smart way to handle your money. Pay your bills weekly, fortnightly, or monthly through RentPay, and you can earn $3 per week for one bill and $5 per week for two. Earn cashback with RentPay.

Lets get serious about an emergency fund

Let’s talk about the superhero of personal finance – the emergency fund. It’s like a safety net for unexpected expenses, swooping in to save the day!

Now, if saving for that fund feels like a bit of a stretch, why not play detective in your own home? Scope out any items hanging around that you’re not using, and boom – consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace. Turn clutter into cash!

Be smart with your credit card

Feeling savvy with your credit card game? Nice! Time to unlock those perks like a pro.

For most people, your rent is a significant recurring expense and an easy way to make a minimum spend on a credit card to unlock juicy sign-up bonuses and cashback offers.

While bank transfers and BPAY are standard payment methods, paying your rent with a credit card on RentPay can work wonders if you’re on the points train. 

Explore how you can pay your rent with a credit card on RentPay.

Just remember the golden rule with credit cards – pay off that balance every month to dodge those sneaky interest charges.

Keep in mind, everyone’s money story is one of a kind. These tips are like a toolkit – customise them to fit your unique situation. Make it a habit to revisit your budget and financial goals, tweaking things as life unfolds. Flexibility is the key to keeping your finances in tune with your journey.