Not every landlord is the same, but while some would never win Australian of the Year, most landlords can be pleasant to deal with – and some will even help you save money. A great landlord will go the extra mile to make life easier for their tenant. Here are 6 signs your property owner is looking after you. 

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They forgive your late rent… once

  • It’s easy to forget to pay your rent sometimes, or find yourself short of funds, so a great landlord might give you a break – one time. Don’t blame them if they take a harder approach the second time around though!

They fix issues at your rental property straight away

  • A regular complaint from tenants is that landlords can be negligent about fixing problems around their rental. While emergency problems have to be fixed right away, other problems (such as a plumbing issue) should be done as soon as possible. A good property owner will make sure every request is answered within 24 hours.

They set up an easy way for you to pay rent

  • This landlord will make the process of paying the rent very simple for you. However they want the rent collected, they’ll make it fast and easy so you don’t have to think about anything else except sending the payment through.

They maintain boundaries and respect your privacy

  • A great landlord will respect the professional boundaries and know that you don’t like to be disturbed. They won’t show up at your property at odd times of the day, but will inform you before they visit your rental property.

They send you a Christmas card or a small gift

  • Around Christmas time, it’s always nice to know your efforts keeping your property well maintained and secure have not gone unnoticed. Your landlord might give you a card or some chocolate – perhaps consider returning the offer!

They charge a reasonable rent

Whether you’re moving into your first rental property, or you’ve done this before, you have enough to worry about without having to deal with a bad landlord. You should always do your homework and ask the right questions before committing to a lease agreement. If you feel uneasy about renting from a particular landlord, there’s no harm in moving on. It’s okay to wait until you find a property where you feel comfortable and happy with the managing landlord. Pick someone you can get along with and you trust!

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