After a wet winter, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wasn’t looking forward to some aspect of the season we’re mid-way through. We asked users about their favorite spring activities. Here’s what they told us:

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1. Tend to the garden with your green thumb

As a gardener, you could be left feeling fairly giddy at the idea of pleading with the ground to unfreeze so you can plant some seeds outdoors. 26% of respondents said they look forward to spring every single year to start working on the garden. With the changing of the weather, the blooming of the flowers, the vision of a full, lush garden, there’s a lot to love about spring.

2. Spring cleaning 

We ran a story on ‘6 ways to freshen up your home for spring’ in late September. Topping the list was spring cleaning! Based on our survey, 23% of you said you wanted your houses to be ready and armed with a new lease on life.

3. Bring the outdoors indoors

Put a bunch of cheerful flowers in a vase, and your house instantly says, ‘Spring!’ In large rooms where the fragrance won’t be too overpowering, why not try for sweetly perfumed flowers? Even adding a few plants around your rental could make all the difference. This answer ranked third most popular on the poll, with 17% of those surveyed keen to add floral blooms to their homes.

4. Bring out the BBQ

Now we’re talking! Fresh salads and grilled… well, grilled everything! 15% of you said you absolutely love barbecue season. Barbecues mean less chaos in the kitchen because the main protein is generally cooked (and eaten) outside. It’s also a chance to pull out some of your favourite barbecue recipes you’ve kept locked up over winter. Speaking of barbecues, walking  outside and smelling those grills and whatever mouthwatering recipe they’re cooking is just awesome.

5. Revamp your spring closet

As most of us know, spring is one of the most unpredictable seasons, weather-wise. The days can swing wildly from summer temperatures to biting cold. But as we near October and the weather warms up, it’s a good opportunity to start thinking about storing your heaviest and bulkiest knits and boots away to make room for blazers, cardigans and jackets. This could be an opportunity to introduce new hues into your colour scheme!

6. Rotate artwork around the house

A long winter can sometimes give you a major case of the ‘home decor blahs’ after realising you’re tired of looking at the same old arrangements. Spring is a great opportunity to go on a treasure hunt around your home, clean out your shelves and bench tops and rotate your artwork into more prominent positions. Why not create a gallery wall? You might have some art pieces which have never been framed, or have simply been out of rotation. Experiment until you find a composition that works for you.

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