So maybe you’ve got the New Year feels and are ready to turn over a new leaf. Maybe you’ve moved into a new place, where you always seem to be three steps away from the door. It might feel like your tiny apartment is the rain on your New Year’s resolution parade — but it doesn’t have to be. Today we’re diving deep into ways you can stay fit in small spaces!

Guest post – Harriet Truscott 

Quiet cardio: It can be done

Cramped interiors, thin walls, complaining neighbours — indoor cardio can come with hazards when you’re in a smaller space. Depending on the time of day, your fellow tenants may not appreciate the noise of your vigorous star jumps to the tune of Single Ladies.

Squeezing in a small space workout routine is possible — with a little free space in your living room and some handy guidance.

You’ll find so many influencers, like Instagram legend Elena Arathimos, who can show you how to burn the calories while keeping the peace and quiet.

Go for yoga

When it comes to low impact, apartment-friendly workout options, Yoga hits pretty high on the list. To get started, you’ll only need a cheap-as-chips yoga mat, space for your laptop and enough room for you try out beginner moves without banging your head on a shelf.

The website Yoga with Adriene is overflowing with great tips for starting out with yoga, including several 30-day challenges that’ll help you settle into a new routine.

The best part? Whether rain or shine, you’re on the way to increased flexibility, muscle strength and cardio health.

Make squats your superpower

So you’ve got cardio and flexibility sorted — now it’s time to settle into a small space workout routine that’ll test and train every muscle in your body. Squats, along with other moves like the Superman, Triceps Dip, Plank and more, are quick to use in a high-intensity circuit.

Repeat these moves in quick succession, followed by a minute break, and you’ve got a fat burning, muscle toning 30-minute workout!

Greatist has compiled this killer (but quiet) workout that’s so simple, there’s no reason not to try.

Image credit: Greatist

Use everyday items, rather than bulky equipment

Sometimes with limited space, you’ve just got to get creative. Without gauging a hole in your wallet, you can enjoy a wealth of effective fitness equipment from what you’ve already got lying around the house. In fact, your own weight, coupled with the humble chair is one of the best combinations for your next home workout! Chairs are kind of an all-in-one workout bench and elevated platform for trying out some seriously fat burning, feel-good fitness moves.

Stair climb to success

If you’re living in Sydney, odds are your apartment block has a set of stairs around it somewhere — so why not take advantage of this? In some ways, you can think of this as your new “gym”.

Stair climbing burns more calories and engages more leg muscles than any ol’ run ever will — so why not try some high intensity, interval training staircase workouts. All you need is your exercise gear and a motivated mind to conquer the ascent. You can even start fitting in fewer lift rides and more staircase climbs into your weekly routine.

Over to you

Ultimately, living a healthier life in your little apartment takes effort to get right, but once you’ve got the ball rolling it’s easier than ever. Before settling into a fitness routine, you’ll need to do a lot of non-exercise related activities like decluttering and reorganising your belongings.

Harriet Truscott

Harriet Truscott is a small business owner who loves rolling up her sleeves and collaborating with her team on wicked marketing campaigns. She’s a proud Mum of 1, currently living in a confined Sydney apartment abode, though she always love soaking up the sun in her hometown state of Queensland.