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Renting a property in Australia can be a tough experience, but there are ways to reduce the stress on all involved by renting smart.

Here are 4 hot tips from to make the renting process easier next time around.

Ease financial stress by using RentBond

Getting your rental bond organised quickly using’s RentBond product can make the rental process much simpler, especially given the cost of renting in some cities today. Once you’ve been approved for a property by a property manager, you can apply for RentBond. Complete your application on Once approved and your contract has been accepted, your bond will be paid to your property manager. Simple!

Look at rental properties you can afford

When you put in an application for a rental property, a property manager/landlord may take into consideration whether the asking rent price is an affordable rent for you. They may look at your income to see if it fits the 30% ‘general rule’. This is to protect you as a tenant and the property owner against financial hardship. Some landlords and property managers will look for a tenant who has an income that is at least 30 times the monthly rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,800, you should have an income of around $54,000/year to be approved. Remember that not all landlords and property managers will agree with this vetting method, but it’s still a good guideline.

Keep on top of maintenance issues

When you’re renting, keep an eye out for problems that would fall under the responsibility of the property owner/landlord. If you notice a problem that meets the bill, tell your property manager/landlord as soon as it happens. It’s always best to keep your property mmanager/landlordinformed by communicating ahead of your next rental inspection if there are issues needing to be resolved. If you spot an issue that is your responsibility to fix, try to get it done prior to your next inspection.

Rent smart and save 

There are plenty of options out there to help you save money on the cost of rent – but you may need to make a few sacrifices. If you’ve just scored a job in the heart of Sydney, you might be tempted to look for an apartment that’s right nearby. But inner-city living can be very pricey. Consider stepping outside your comfort zone and finding a pad that’s just outside the city in the suburbs – prices will start to become more affordable here! You may also be able to save money by choosing to share with a friend.

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