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Whether you’re a renter or a landlord, fixing household issues can be a pain. Most renters are willing to perform quick fixes rather than have to bother the landlord. And landlords just want their job to run as smoothly as possible.

Whichever side of the relationship you’re on, you should benefit from these tips for handling common household management problems.

Guest post – Sally Perkins 

Clogged toilet

Fixing a clogged toilet generally isn’t the responsibility of the landlord since this is usually a problem caused by the tenant. If the tenant is not able to fix the problem with a plunger, then they should call a plumber.

However, if the bathroom sink and bathtub drains are clogged as well, the problem could be structural and fall under the jurisdiction of the landlord.

Running toilet

Long-lasting porcelain is used for the exterior of the toilet, but the innards are generally made of easily breakable plastic.

You may have issues with the flapper if water is running in the toilet at all times. There are plenty of YouTube videos that can guide you in this fix.

At most, it should cost you $20 in parts, which most landlords will be happy to reimburse you if you fix it yourself.

Dripping tap

An hour of work and a cheap rubber washer is generally all that is needed to fix a slow drip.

Other times, you will need a new tap set up. If this is the case, high-quality taps are worth the extra cost.

Leaking washing machine

The most likely cause of a leaky washing machine is the drain hose. If the water is leaking specifically during the spin cycle, then the drain hose is likely to be the source of the problem.

Begin by checking the connections to this hose. Look at the condition of the part in case it needs replacing and finally look to see if there are any clogs.

All of these issues should be easy to fix on your own.

Repairs don’t always have to be expensive, and they don’t have to always involve the landlord or a professional. With the above tips, you should be well on your way to fixing your own problems. And, remember that YouTube tutorials are often valuable and helpful resources.

Sally Perkins
Sally Perkins
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