If you love decorating at Christmas, but the thought of fitting a 6″ tree into your rental property is less than fantastic, these ideas for decorating with minimal impact on your home might be just the thing.

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#1 Fairy lights
You can string Christmas lights around balcony railings, windows and door frames – or even the mirror in your bathroom. If you’re looking to save money, choose LED or solar lights to reduce your power bill.

#2 Tinsel
You can decorate your rental easily with tinsel. Drape it over doorways, railways, or dangle it from ceiling lights.

#3 Illuminate your space
Group different sized tea light holders around your house – either on shelves or on the coffee table. It’ll give your room a festive glow.

#4 Think about colour matching
An easy way to make your rental look more welcoming is to use colours that complement your existing decor. Don’t fight the fixtures and paint colour already in your rental if you’re not permitted to make major changes. If your home has a neutral interior (i.e cream or beige,) use metallic gold or soft green – it will bring your room to life. You might also like to wrap your gifts in a similar colour.

#5 Change up your decor
If you have the room to do so, store your usual cushions away at the end of December and reinvigorate your festive decor. Remember, they don’t need to be green and red, you can use the colours you’ve used on your tree or in your decorative accents (see #4). Changing up your scatter cushions or throw rugs can do a lot to transform your living areas.

#6 Give your chairs some love
Are you hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner at your home? You can spread a little extra festive joy by dressing up your chairs. You might be able to find some basic chair covers at your local fabric / craft store, but why not add a basic hessian or linen fabric? It’ll give your chair a natural look. You can add a ribbon or bow to complement the design.

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#7 Extra baubles? Use them up
There’s no need to store your excess decorations once you’ve finished putting up the Christmas tree. If you think they’ll fit your seasonal look, why not create a custom ‘chandelier’ around your existing lighting fixtures. Tie them up with ribbon and make sure the light is protected with a cover and won’t touch your decorations.

#8 Bring nature inside
Use bare branches to showcase a collection of intricate, detailed ornaments. You can stick branches in a jug or clear vase and fill it with marbles or gemstones. Hang ornaments from the branches. This would look lovely on a side table or on the dining table as a decorative accent.

#9 Lean baby, lean
Lean a wreath on a cart, side table, bookcase or dresser. No hanging required – happy landlord!

#10 Think about your Christmas tree
If space is an issue for you, why not try a compact tabletop version? A round table could be the perfect perch for a petite tree. You can find small Christmas trees at just about any retailer nowadays.

#11 Go smaller
If that smaller tabletop tree is still out of the question, go even smaller. Tree branches would look beautiful in vases on a tabletop or window sill. Use something with soft green foliage. With slightly larger branches, you could even hang ornaments from the tree.

#12 Window ornaments
If hanging space is slim in your house and making it difficult to hang lights or wreaths, opt for some garland and shiny ornaments. This is an easy solution for a hanging window Christmas tree. It’ll look magical in the morning when the sun reflects off it.

What’s your best rental decorating tip for Christmas? Share your ideas with the Rent.com.au community in the Comments section below!