We’ve curated a collection of unique homes across Australia, featuring different design aesthetics and lifestyle choices, across a range of price points. Which one appeals to you?

So what made the list of the most unique rentals in June 2024?

This month, we’ve been oohing and aahing over some dazzling property features. Arch windows and coffered ceilings in Brighton and South Yarra, Victoria; to incredible views from Avalon Beach, Collaroy and Coogee, New South Wales; and more… these 10 unique homes showcase diverse properties and new locations to explore all around the nation.

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1. The Arch Aesthetic

Where? 105/27 Pine Street, Brighton, VIC 3186

Why we’re smitten: Arches are definitely having their moment in interior design trends, from doorways and mirrors to patterns and decor. The building housing this sophisticated apartment has made use of stunning repetition of arch features and we’re all for it. Not only do the soft curves of these arches create a pleasing visual interest, it leads the eye out into the view.

In June, the median rent for listings in Brighton was $1,325 per week.

2. The Sleek Boutique

Where? 16 Entwistle Way, Aveley, WA 6069

Why we’re smitten: Set against a contemporary base palette of white, black and neutrals, the bold colours and personality injected into this property will make you think you’ve stepped into a cool, boutique hotel. Originally built as a display home, it features the highest quality and specifications money can buy.

In June, the median rent for listings in Aveley was $680 per week.

3. The Cubist Ceilings

Where? 325 Walsh Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141

Why we’re smitten: We often forget that ceilings can be a feature and, wow, these coffered ceilings are the star of the show in this gorgeous residence. We’re absolutely in love with these geometric-look ceilings which work best in traditional and formal interior styles, but can also look good in modern homes. While coffered ceilings are typically decorative only, they can also improve acoustics in a room.

In June, the median rent for listings in South Yarra was $625 per week.

4. The Basement Man Cave

Where? 51 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

Why we’re smitten: Is your brain already racing with millions of ideas on how to kit out this space as a man cave (or a she shed!)? We’re definitely tossing up between a ping pong or pool table, or maybe even a wine cellar! This unique, four-storey terrace home showcases an industrial aesthetic, featuring brickwork, stonework and concrete throughout – with an occasional splash of timber and steel elements.

In June, the median rent for listings in Darlinghurst was $900 per week.

5. The Home Above the Trees

Where? 14 Daintree Street, Paddington, QLD 4064

Why we’re smitten: This unique, multi-level home on a sloping block is perfectly positioned to give you a birds-eye view over the treetops and to the Brisbane city skyline. Interesting features include high ceilings, timber floors and wall panelling, and dome-vaulted ceilings to frame the lovely views.

In June, the median rent for listings in Paddington was $800 per week.

6. The Coastal Classic

Where? 95 Cumberland Avenue, Collaroy, NSW 2097

Why we’re smitten: It’d be impossible to not have your breath taken away by this fully renovated Queenslander home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, with a 180-degree panoramic view from North Head to Long Reef Headland. Get your clarity, peace and serenity fix – you could do a lot worse than wiling away hours here, enjoying the laidback surroundings!

In June, the median rent for listings in Collaroy was $1,087 per week.

7. The Beach Corner

Where? 29/178 Beach Street, Coogee, NSW 2034

Why we’re smitten: In this private and spacious, top-floor apartment of the iconic ‘Tara’ building, the uninterrupted views over the Pacific Ocean and Wedding Cake Island will make you feel like you’ve got your very own, little slice of paradise. Waking up to enjoy a coffee or breakfast on the balcony would give you the ultimate lift to start your day off well.

In June, the median rent for listings in Coogee was $950 per week.

8. The Country Cabin

Where: 60 Emu Flats Road, Wildwood, VIC 3429

Why we’re smitten: This home oozes warmth and country comfort. You’ll feel cocooned inside the property while surrounded by picturesque and expansive lands. Can you imagine your family gathering near the fireplace on a rainy day or chilly night, playing board games or sipping on some hot chocolate? How divine!

In June, this was the only listing in Wildwood.

9. The Bougie Bungalow

Where? 13 Pacific Vista Drive, Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Why we’re smitten: This luscious three-storey residence is reminiscent of a luxury Balinese villa. Despite its grand proportions, the abundance of timber features and rustic elements feel warm and welcoming. Offering six king-size bedrooms, soaring 3m-high ceilings, fireplace, pizza oven, swimming pool, tropical gardens and walking access to the beach, it’s no surprise that the property attracts celebrities and VIP guests.

In June, the median rent for listings in Byron Bay was $900 per week.

10. The Beach Meets Bush

Where? 92 Central Road, Avalon Beach, NSW 2107

Why we’re smitten: Despite the beach being located just 650m away, you’d be surprised by the abundance of space in the large, sloping backyard which offers several private and secluded areas to enjoy the idyllic bush surroundings. This coastal, family friendly property is perfect for sunny, lazy days to switch off and recharge.

In June, the median rent for listings in Avalon Beach was $1,400 per week.