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Do I have to repair my broken towel rail?

"The towel rail in my bathroom has broken out of the plaster. Do I have to repair the towel rail?" We asked Caroline Nurse for her advice.

When is a good time to negotiate a rent reduction?

"My landlord has decided as of 2 months ago, to self-manage the house I am...

I’ve lost the security remote. Should I be charged for a new one?

Reader Question:  "I lost the security gate remote and the agent wants to charge me for...

Can the property owner hang around my rental property?

"Can an owner hang around the house that we're renting from them?" We asked Madeleine Smith for her advice.

How long do I have to be employed before I’m accepted for a rental?

Reader Question:  “How long do you have to be employed before most property managers/owners will consider...

Can my real estate agent ask for bank statements when I apply?

"Do agents have the right to ask for...

Pest control

Pest control – Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

A pest infestation in a rental property can cause problems for both tenants and landlords - especially when pest control is required to manage the situation.

Your step-by-step guide to end of lease cleaning

The trick to a hassle-free exit from your lease is organising your cleaning regime within a proper timeframe. Use these tips to make your next bond clean a success.

Rats in your rental: Responsibility and treatment

Photo: Unsplash/kirahoffman. Rats can be a persistent pest once...

Renting with pets

WA’s tight rental market a hotspot for pet struggles, rental scams

Tenants are being urged to avoid sending money...

Australia’s most popular pet names revealed: Did yours make the list?

Is there a pet in your family named...

200,000 Pet Resumes – and Dogs still rule

Dogs reign supreme as Australia's most loved household pet, with cats sitting in second place, according to new data from


Rental applications – What happens after you apply?

Submitted a rental property application and started the waiting process? You might be wondering how long it takes to process your application and when you'll get an answer.

Moving tips

Rental ledger – Why you should ask for a copy

A rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has been paid on time is one of the more valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy. 

What happens when the landlord wants to sell your rental property?

If the owner wants to put your rental...
breakingthelease breakingalease ineedtobreakmylease whathappenswhenIbreakmylease

Breaking your rental lease: What you need to know

Whatever your reason, it might be time to move on from your current rental property...

Home and living

9 smart tips to get your home ready for autumn

Cooler temperatures and falling leaves are a good reminder that autumn has arrived. Here are a few tips to keep your home running smoothly all season.
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