Reader questions

How long do I have to be employed before I’m accepted for a rental?

Reader Question:  “How long do you have to be employed before most property managers/owners will consider...

Demolition is taking place next door and I wasn’t notified

"There is demolition happening right next door to my rental, which I wasn’t told about...

Can I stop my neighbours smoking? Is there legislation around this?

Reader Question:  "How can I stop my neighbours smoking? Is there any legislation around this?"  We asked...

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Home and Living

Stay in a real life replica of Van Gogh’s ‘bedroom’ painting

OK, it might not be Van Gogh’s actual bedroom, which was located in France. But, the Art Institute of Chicago created a spot-on replica of the room, and that’s basically just as good, right?

Why this 10 year old’s bedroom is cooler than yours

It's rare for a room to be calming and invigorating at the same time, but this bedroom is pulling off the feat.

Best experiences in Australia: The things we do better than anywhere else

Never try to impress an Australian with a beach. It won't work.