Winning in Property Management

The essential course for every Property Manager and Management Agency.

A 2-Day Intensive Property Management Course that will put you in control, remove conflict & make your life easier!


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Winning in Property Management Testimonials

“There was nothing to worry about”

Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate, Rockhampton QLD

“My biggest hesitation when deciding whether to attend Winning in Property Management was thinking…”

“My only concern was the location and travel”

– victoria osborne
Rise Property Management, Melbourne VIC

“When deciding whether to attend Winning in Property Management, my only concern was the location. Bearing that in…”

“I really needed some guidance and advice”

Wilsons Property Management, Warrnambool VIC

“I had no hesitation when booking my attendance to the Winning in Property Management course, held by Real Estate Dynamics…”

“Simple but effective way of reviewing your business”

Elite Real Estate Services, Edge Hill QLD

“At a high level, I was concerned the Winning in Property Management course was not going to help inform me of the gaps within…”

cutting-edge & comprehensive training

This interactive course is packed with practical case studies, problem solving, and dialogue training giving you a new and competitive edge right through the Management and Tenancy cycles. With the world of Property Management rapidly changing and expectations of Landlords and Tenants increasing every minute, this course is the key to your success now and into the future!

For everything property management

benefits for every team member

Business Owners

If you’re looking to keep Happy Landlords and ‘future Sellers’ longer in your business, avoid costly mistakes and increase efficiency and profit – this course is definitely for you.

Property Managers

If you’re looking to learn fast and modern ways that will save you time and make your life easier – this course is definitely for you. It will massively reduce stress and conflict from your job.

BDM’s & Sales

If you’re looking to succeed and to win more business by clearly ‘selling’ the benefits of doing business with your Agency – then this course is definitely for you and your agency.

Your Team

Leaders who bring their Property Management Team continue the learning and implementation together long after the course has ended – this course is definitely for your entire team.

Operational Managers

If you’re looking to increase the retention, engagement of your team and massively reduce stress and conflict – this course is definitely for you.

Leasing Consultants

If you’re looking to turbo charge your leasing activities to rent homes fast in any market conditions – this course is definitely for you.

Admin and Support

If you’re looking to learn how to simplify supporting the Property Management Team – this course is definitely for you.

Franchise Groups

If you’re looking to share valuable, tested processes that work in Property Management and make your offices’ life easier – this course is definitely for you.

What you will learn

We will teach you the winning formula to build trust, loyalty and peace of mind with your Landlords and Tenants, now and for years to come.

How to rent properties within 14 days with happy landlords in any market condition

A brilliant tenancy experience with tools that help tenants pay rent on time, maintain the property and stay with your agency longer

How to plan and batch routine inspections 12-months in advance (and completed 100% of the time)

The secrets to achieving more than 82% of your bonds refunded in full to tenants within 48 hours of vacating and with no conflict

How to easily have 99% of your tenants paying on time, every time and how to complete super fast repairs and maintenance in 7 days

Lease renewal processes that maximise your rents and rent roll value in any market

Ready to learn new ideas and strategies as followed by High-Performing and Award-Winning Agencies?

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