Renters aren’t afraid to share their views. Here’s some insight into how they find the process of obtaining a property in Australia today:

insights renterinsights whatrentersarethinking rentersurvey rentcomau agentinformationIn today’s market, renters want access to a wide range of rental properties from which to choose, both from agents and non-agents. now has a very significant share of all rental property listings, and has developed a consistently large and unique renter audience as a result.

One of the great aspects of our engaged renter customer base is that they are not afraid to share their views, providing with the data and information needed to continue to develop and refine products and services most relevant to meeting their needs.

Our recent renter survey found that most renters still consider the process of obtaining a property as being too intimidating, too expensive and unnecessarily complex.

Renters are far more mobile than home owners in today’s market. On average, 85,000 leases are entered into on a monthly basis.

Acknowledgment is a key issue for renters. 58 per cent of those surveyed believe renting is still not an accepted lifestyle choice, with the nation remaining firmly attached to ‘home ownership’ and the ‘great Australian dream’.

An overwhelming majority of renters surveyed feel the renting process is “too inefficient,” with a lack of information on properties, surrounding neighbourhoods and good photos as a key pain point.

In Australia, we appear to be at a point of increased momentum in the vocalisation of the needs of renters and we’re seeing a shift from the traditional stereotypes that have existed around home ownership.

Our insights confirm that renters are tired of being viewed as second class citizens and disregarded as not having the same respect towards their property as an owner.

With a strong focus on the customer, has a key role to play in leading the change in the Australian rental market.

The company already has some great products that are addressing renter concerns, such as:

RentBond – a smart way for a renter to bridge the gap between putting down a bond on their new home and getting back their previous one from their former agent / landlord.

RentCheck – allows any customers (Renter, Agent or Landlord) to easily perform a check on a renter’s standing. This is an industry standard, and rather than seeing this step as a negative, our renters are pre-qualifying themselves in readiness to grab that great rental property on the site.

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