Increased use of online rental applications in today’s property market means identity fraud has become a risk that all property managers should be across.

To minimise this risk, teams must be diligent about using a tool that makes this task easier and helps to qualify a suitable tenant.

We’ve all heard (or experienced) the horror stories: tenants starting their own DIY drug labs or engaging in other criminal activities, and visa holders skipping town within a few months. Often these properties have been leased by tenants using falsified information.

How do identity fraud and identity theft impact property managers?

Technology advances have made it easier for criminals to attempt and commit identity theft (taking over someone’s identity) or identity fraud (creating a fake identity). This poses significant issues in the real estate space, as criminals attempt to lease properties by fabricating a fake identity, allowing them to:

  • Use the property for illegal purposes (e.g. start a drug lab), or
  • Use the property as their main address to commit other crimes (e.g. apply for a home loan, car loan, credit cards, etc.).

The only real way to ensure you avoid these applicants is to make sure you screen them correctly.

Tenant screening made easier with

It’s not all doom-and-gloom. The great news is that many prospective tenants who have set up a Renter Resume on have also completed a RentCheck. The RentCheck tool on verifies a person’s identity while also checking their name against the Equifax National Tenancy Database (NTD) for any reported breaches, bankruptcies, debt agreements or court records, and VISA information.

When a prospective tenant provides a RentCheck with their Renter Resume, this becomes available with their enquiry or application details. You can find these details on your agent dashboard. The .pdf link will be provided, along with the prospective tenant’s details.

“The fact that a prospective tenant has purchased a RentCheck themselves is a great indicator of a highly-motivated person,” said David Berridge,’s National Agent Services Manager. “That additional available information from their Renter Resume can also prove useful to Property Managers wanting to ascertain the suitability of an applicant.”

Want to perform an ID and NTD tenancy check on a prospective tenant? You can do this online via your agency dashboard. To get started, sign in to your account and click the RentCheck tab. is Australia's #1 website dedicated to rental property. We exist purely to make Property Managers' and renters' lives easier. Every service we offer is designed to give you the edge you need through better information, more quality applicants and better access to landlords.