Where does the time go? It’s an oft heard question across all industries today.

Belle Property Academy’s Cathie Crampton offered her expertise on a number of success principles, tips and techniques when she spoke at the 2016 PPM Group National Property Management Conference. Her techniques are embraced by leading property managers to gain time back in their day and feel more in control.

time management

“Find whatever it is that fuels your spirit and run with it” – Cathie Crampton (Belle Property Australasia) on gaining time and control back in your day


The key, Crampton believes, is recognising that obstacles exist. The challenge is to identify them.

“If you don’t have clear objectives, if you’re living in noise and haven’t broken your tasks down to what really needs to happen, it’s easy to get lost in a lack of clarity,” she says.

Cathie Crampton’s time management tips 

  1. Diarise – but be flexible

Crampton suggests adjusting your diary on a regular basis to keep a feeling of control is paramount. “I will regularly go in and adjust times, reorder appointments so I feel more in control of my day. It’s easy to ring people and explain – just reschedule,” she said.

  1. Don’t do everything yourself

Learn to enable others, work with them effectively and leverage off them. It’s not a nasty or manipulative thing to do. You need to learn to get people to help you.

  1. Control starts with shifting away from being ‘the pleaser’

“You don’t always have to say yes,” Crampton says. Remember that there are other people who can do your job. People will always interrupt your blocked time for sudden requests, but if you say yes, you’re letting them interrupt you. Crampton says she has an 8.30-9am ‘open door’ time. “Give people time, be present with them. But don’t be afraid to shut the door for an hour and focus in.”

  1. Learn to manage stress and fatigue

“I get up in the mornings, do some exercise and clear the mind to make sure I’m focused. To manage your time effectively, you need to manage your health. Find whatever it is that fuels your spirit and run with it,” Crampton says.

  1. Manage your phone use

The phone is a major distraction. Do you have a strategy in place to manage your phone down-time? It’s a challenge we all need to manage. Learn to keep your phone part of your world without letting it destroy where you need to get to.

At the end of the day, remember this: The world is integrated. Things don’t work on a 9am-5pm schedule. Segment your diaries and prioritise YOU as the number one thing.