How we track a tenant introduction

On the Smart Plan, you only pay an advertising fee if your approved tenant is sourced through But how do we track a tenant introduction through the website?


1. A renter enquires or applies online

On the Smart Plan, we only charge you IF we introduce a tenant to you. For this to occur, a tenant must first enquire or apply for one of your agency’s properties on


2. The renter’s details are recorded

One a renter has enquired or applied on an active property listing, their contact details are recorded in your Agent Dashboard on, including the date of the enquiry and application.


3. Approval confirmed in Dashboard

When a tenant has been approved for the property, the tenant will confirm this step via their Dashboard.

Alternatively, if you mark the tenant as ‘Approved,’ this will appear in your Agent dashboard.


4. Contact made with your office

Once either of the steps in No. 3 have occurred, an email will be sent to your office to confirm this has taken place.

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