As a agent, you have access to the most comprehensive tenancy application form in Australia, now delivered electronically to make tenant selection easier.

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What’s included?

You can now receive a full digital application which incorporates details from a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume. This form includes all of the data captured in a standard application as well as an extra dimension of renter information.

This added information is captured through the Renter Resume and Pet Resume features and will likely include photographs, bios, pet information and references.

Many applications will come supplied with a completed NTD and Veda ID check, an optional purchase by the renter.


How do I access the tenancy applications?

If you’re advertising properties on, you’re probably already receiving the new digital tenancy applications. Simply log into your Agent Dashboard to view activity on your property listings and any tenancy applications.


How is this information captured?

When a renter sends through an property enquiry or property application, a tenancy application form specific to that property will generate.

That application is then delivered directly to you through:

The new application form is now the most comprehensive form on the market, giving you the best chance of selecting the right tenant for your property.

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