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Livestock-filled rental “a landlord’s nightmare”

When it comes to rental inspections, landlords and property managers have seen it all. But this week, one landlord in Canada was forced to...

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant

More often than not, agents and landlords want a well-maintained property that is securely leased and provides income and return on your landlord's investment....

Attempted theft of $500k in cyber-attack on agency

A Perth real estate agent is breathing a sigh of relief after a cyber-attack was thwarted in an attempt to steal $500,000 from a...

Agents beware: Blinds and curtain cords can kill

In light of a recent incident of the near strangulation of a toddler in a rental property, Western Australia's Department of Commerce has asked agents to...

Top 7 NSW strata law changes in November 2016

Strata reform in NSW A number of reforms will be brought in to modernise the legislation for more than two million people in New South...

5 ways to ‘transform’ in property management

Samantha McLean, joint owner and managing director Elite Magazine says transformation is possible for any real estate agent - one change at a time. She...

Getting the finer details right in PM

“The truth means nothing; evidence means everything”. Anyone who works or has worked in property management will likely attest to that statement.

Time management: Get more done in less time

Where does the time go? It’s an oft heard question across all industries today.

The property management juggling act

Being a successful property management team member is 90 per cent mindset and 10 per cent knowledge. So how do you manage the challenging issues that we all face and do the little things better?

Dealing with mental illness in property management

When we are dealing with someone who is not necessarily of ‘normal mindset’, where does that leave us in way of risk – both physically and emotionally?