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The difference between a BDM and Property Manager

What is the difference between a BDM and a Property Manager? Guest post - Tara Bradbury, BDM Academy  We assume that one person who is good...

Growth strategies from an award-winning PM

What does it take to become a successful BDM? If you asked me two years ago, when I was a rookie in the industry, I would...

8 ways to be seen as the Investment Property Specialist

Investment Property Specialist If your landlord doesn’t see you as a market leader you run the risk of missing out on being the first point...

The power of positive and productive communication

No matter how big or small your agency is communication is always the main reason behind the complaints we receive.

Know where your leads are coming from: Deniz Yusuf

ONE of the fundamental things about growing a rent roll is to know where your leads are coming from, and not having the leads leak out of your agency.