A little extra effort goes a long way – especially when it comes to attracting new tenants to your properties. For Smart Rentals Townsville Licensee, Steven McDonald, the decision to move onto Rent.com.au’s success-based Smart Plan was simple.

“We jumped in and ticked the box on Smart Plan straight away – if we’re getting good tenants and bringing in income, we’re always happy to pay if the advertising delivers,” Steven said.

For Steven and his team, the new incentive added to all Smart Plan properties, a $100 Gift Card from Rent.com.au, was the icing on the cake.

smart rentals townsville
Smart Rentals Townsville Licensee Steven McDonald says he loves the new renter incentive available through the Smart Plan. Photo: Smart Rentals Townsville.

“The new offer is just fantastic. It’s so good to see the focus put back on tenants in property management,” he said. “Tenants have been overlooked for too long – they are just as important as owners. If you don’t have tenants, you don’t have owners. We have always pushed to look after our tenants because we get longer stays, but also more income for our owners – it’s a win-win situation.”

Smart Rentals Townsville prides itself on delivering excellent property management. Steven and his team focus solely on providing leading customer service, with property management services across the Townsville region personalised for tenants and property owners alike.

“It’s what we specialise in and focus on,” Steven says. “For us, rental properties are our number one priority.”

Championing change in the industry

Recently marking two years in business, Smart Rentals Townsville started off with zero properties to its name and built a rent roll from scratch. Now with two years of traction under their belt, Steven and his team of two property managers manage 200 properties in a technology-focused environment, running their office from an apartment building in Townsville City.

“All of our technology is in the Cloud, so our property managers can operate from wherever they are. You don’t need a shopfront today because your window is the internet – and in our case, Rent.com.au. We have a big focus on promotion and have tried Gift Card promotions before to great success – so we love the new incentive to attract renters to our properties.”

Despite operating in a tough regional Queensland market, Steven and his team are faring well. A decision to take on higher-end properties and longer leases (typically 12 months instead of six) has made a significant difference to their turnaround.

“We get better quality tenants and we’re able to provide better customer service. When you start a new business, it’s hard to say no to new managements, but if they don’t meet our criteria, we refer on. It’s been hard to say no to that income, but it’s starting to pay dividends. Now we have a boutique rent roll and it works well for us.”

Evolving with the needs of tenants and owners

Steven and his team created a short video promoting Rent.com.au’s Gift Card offer and included photos of their current listings displaying the Gift Card icon.

“The promotion is awesome. We promoted it across our Facebook page to try and get some takers. You’ve got to have a social and online presence these days. The first thing people do is check your website and then your Facebook page to see what people are saying about you – so it’s important to be on there, maintaining it and do good work to get those good reviews – that’s how a lot of tenants and owners will find you.”

“The key, I think, is to evolve with it, maximise your opportunities and use it to your best potential…”

“Social media is an important part of the Property Management landscape these days,” Steven said. “It has a lot more exposure than traditional forms of marketing. It probably doesn’t have as much cut-through these days as it did a year ago because it’s always evolving, but the key, I think, is to evolve with it, maximise your opportunities and use it to your best potential.”

Industry endorsement

“I would strongly recommend that agencies Australia-wide jump on the Rent.com.au Smart Plan,” Steven said.

“What have you got to lose? You only pay when you’re successful – you can’t go wrong.”

Steven and his team at Smart Rentals Townsville have leveraged the Rent.com.au offer even further, updating their own promotion to double the offer, adding another $100 to the $100 Gift Card from Rent.com.au offer for any tenants using the site to send in their application.  Check out Smart Rentals Townsville at http://www.smartrentalstsv.com.au

For more information about Rent.com.au’s Smart Plan, email agents@rent.com.au, call 1300 736 810 or visit www.rent.com.au/agents.