Looking for help to understand Rent.com.au’s agent Smart Plan? Here’s how to make Rent.com.au’s Smart Plan work for your office:


Q: We get enough enquiry. We don’t need the Smart Plan

Rent.com.au’s Smart Plan gives you access to quality tenants, many of which also have completed a tenancy database check, which could help to improve the quality of shortlisted applicants.

As you only pay IF you find a tenant for the property through Rent.com.au, there’s no risk in paying for advertising that doesn’t get a result.

The Smart Plan has no upfront costs and your office can cancel at any time as there is no lock-in contract.


Q: We’re on other sites and don’t need any more marketing

Unlike your marketing on other portals, the benefit of being a Rent.com.au Smart Plan agent is that if your marketing doesn’t work, it’s absolutely free. There’s no other advertising option like it in the market.

If you focus your marketing on other property portals, you could miss a large part of your potential audience. Of the 650,000 unique visitors coming to Rent.com.au each month, more than 60% did not go to REA and over 75% haven’t been to Domain*. The reason why? It’s becoming more and more common for renters to start their search in Google and bypass these sites entirely. *AC Nielsen.


Q: We can’t afford it, it’s not in the budget

Unlike other subscription-based plans where you pay a fee whether you get a tenant or not, on the Smart Plan you’re only charged a low $75 fee if you find the tenant through Rent.com.au.

If we don’t find you a tenant, you don’t pay anything for the bigger, bolder advertisement on Rent.com.au – plus you get all the other benefits!

You could also pass the cost of your Smart Plan listing over to your landlords. When we’ve successfully found you the approved tenant, we’ll send you an invoice so you can recover the fee if you choose to.


Q: We don’t have time to manage another system in the office

Rent.com.au is a fully web-enabled solution that can link seamlessly with your existing systems. Your properties can be automatically updated to Smart Plan listings from your existing property management software or portal uploader to Rent.com.au.


If none of the following Frequently Asked Questions answer your question, simply get in touch with Rent.com.au by calling 1300 032 009 or emailing agents@rent.com.au