Are you a female aged between 25-34 and searching online for a new family home?


Chances are, you’re not alone.

At, we do a lot of research to understand our users in order to serve them better. Our data tells us that women make up the largest part of our audience day-to-day – 68% of our users are female and are most likely to browse using their tablet (73%) or their mobile (71%).

Women are also more likely to be conscientious with their rental applications. Of the users who purchase a RentCheck, 70.9% are women.

Our insights reveal that the average user is most likely to be looking for a house with one bathroom (27%), two bedrooms (27%) and one car space (66%).

Why pay for your bond now, when you can pay it off over time?

Our research also reveals a key insight: The biggest struggle renters have in the moving process is coming up with the rental bond.

Paying a few weeks in advance, combined with the burden of hefty moving costs can be a stretch on many budgets, especially when the bond hasn’t yet been returned from a previous rental.

Expanding the family or moving to a more expensive suburb can induce stress when combined with unwanted financial frustrations like paying the rental bond. Many renters simply prefer to save their money for other things in the moving process.

Queensland renter Donna Sooalo was in the process of moving home when she came across’s product RentBond. Looking for immediate financial assistance, RentBond, an easy and innovative way to have the bond paid upfront with three to six months to pay it off, fit the bill.

“It was great timing,” Donna said. “RentBond was easy to apply for and saved me an enormous amount of hassle financially while I moved from one place to the next. I’d recommend RentBond to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation going forward.”

For more information on RentBond, click here. Ask your agent if they’re set up for RentBond. If they’re not, they can register through the self-service set up on

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