’s rental payments product RentPay has been incorporated into an app for the first time, making it simple for renters to sign up, schedule their rent payments and see when their rent is due.

The major update is now available to all existing RentPay customers but also opens the product up to thousands of new customers who can sign up to RentPay and schedule their payments, instantly see when their rent is due, download their payment history and even make payments on the spot.

“We’re very excited about this product expansion,” said CEO Greg Bader. “We have spent a lot of time honing RentPay since making the strategic decision to acquire it last year, focusing on listing to what our Agent and Renter customers want.”

“We’ve responded by bringing customer service back to Australia, have improved service levels and opening hours and we have completed many technology enhancements to improve the reliability and performance of the system.”

“Now we get to take RentPay to the next level by incorporating it into the app and further expanding the product features over time, providing a seamless experience from Renter Resume through to RentPay.”

The update extends the unique functionalities of the Rent App and tools on offer to meet the needs of today’s renter.

“Much like the website, our app provides customers with the information they need to make better-informed decisions when it comes to their next home,” Mr Bader said.

“As well as listing properties available to rent, we provide several tools designed specifically for renters to improve the renting process, and useful information to help them make sense of the journey.”

A simpler way to collect rent

RentPay gives Australia’s property management teams hassle-free, automatic management of rental payments, with payment history and trust account reporting. The system can upload pay files into your property management system for easy reconciliation, offers automated follow-up for missed rental payments and has no ongoing subscription fees.

Property managers and trust accountants can spend hours reconciling rental payments due to missing reference numbers, incorrect payment amounts, and many other issues, not to mention the time it takes to chase missed payments.

RentPay can offer reconciliation in seconds, with pay file integration with your property management trust accounting system.

As an additional bonus, agents who signup for RentPay will also receive free upgrades to larger Enhanced listings, for all their rental ads loaded to the website.

How to sign up for RentPay

You can sign up to RentPay online, by giving one of our sales representatives a call on 1300 797 933 or emailing