More than 1 million renters across Australia now have a Renter Resume. The feature is designed to help tenants, agents and landlords streamline the property enquiry and application process. has become the go-to website for renters in Australia, with more than 700,000 unique visitors each month, and now more than 1 million Renter Resumes delivering more than 50 points of information per resume.

“For many, renting is an entirely logical and practical lifestyle choice, but the process of renting can be intimidating and complex. That’s something we’re determined to change, and Renter Resume is a big part of that”, said CEO, Greg Bader.

“This is a significant milestone for our business but more importantly also for our renting community. Renter Resume continues to grow in popularity. Last year we achieved an average of 22,500 new Renter Resumes per month and the start to 2021 is even stronger. Across 2020 we also generated an average of 78,000 enquiries and applications for rental properties per month. That is significant in the context of only around 85,000 rental properties being leased each month”.

Guiding renters through the application process

Renter Resume was created in response to feedback from Rent’s customers, who wanted a simple way to organise, capture and reuse the information they needed for rental applications. They also wanted a way to demonstrate their good qualities and history as a tenant.

Today, Renter Resume’s process has been simplified, expanded and improved to include:

  • ID verification and tenancy database checks via RentCheck
  • Agent endorsements (references)
  • Pet Resume (>200,000 created, an ice breaker to start the conversation around allowing pets)
  • Dashboard showing tenant details, applications and rental history.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Further enhancements are in the pipeline to improve things like recognition and status for renters.

“This is important to us, because the vast majority of renters pay on time, maintain their homes and change properties without any dramas, yet they don’t always have this ‘good standing’ acknowledged.

Shashana McNichol, Principal at Nourish Property, was one of the first property managers in Australia to trial Renter Resume when it was first being developed in 2016. Her feedback at the time helped to shape it into a more useful service for both renters and property managers. Shashana said that Renter Resume has helped her team process tenant enquiries much faster and make more informed decisions on rental applications.

“We process a large number of applications in any given week, and we’ve found the Renter Resume to be an excellent tool in qualifying tenants,” she said. “With strong demand for rentals, renters know they need to move fast and do more to ensure their application stands out.

“Renter Resume does more than give us ‘need-to-know’ information for a tenancy application. This is about the tenant showing professionalism and responsibility, going above and beyond when applying for a property – and Renter Resume ticks all those boxes for us.’s extra tools and features, like RentCheck, and Pet Resume, have also been a great help to our team as we vet our applicants.”

Where can I see a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume?

You can see the data a prospective tenant has put into their Renter Resume when an enquiry or application arrives via your Agent Dashboard or to your office enquiry email.

This data is secure and only accessible to the renter until they choose to share it with you as their prospective property manager.

What information can I see?

When a renter sends through their Renter Resume, you may see a brief bio, their employment history, when they’re available to move, their past tenancy history, employment details, etc.

Tenants with Pets also have the option of including a Pet Resume, which will also be included in their Enquiry and Application emails, giving you a better insight into the pets the tenant owns.

Many Renter Resumes will also include a RentCheck – current Equifax ID verification check, and National Tenancy Database (NTD) check. This report is purchased by the tenant and included when they enquire or apply for a property.

This information is designed to speed up the screening process significantly.

NOTE: RentCheck reports on tenants can also be purchase on an ad-hoc basis via your Agent Admin for $10 per check.

How do I access a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume?

If you’re advertising properties on, you’re probably already receiving the new digital tenancy applications with the Renter Resume data included. Log into your Agent Dashboard to view the application activity.

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