Renter Resume

More than 300,000 renters are now using a Renter Resume, a feature designed to help tenants, agents and landlords by streamlining the property enquiry and application process.

Improving the application process

Renter Resume is’s renting profile feature. It’s designed to help prospective tenants stand out from the pack during the enquiry and application process. Renter Resume is just like a job resume – Renters only need to create it once, and use it to apply for as many properties as they like.

Instead of being just another name on a list of rental candidates, renters who submit a Renter Resume application will really stand out.

Once a renter has created a Renter Resume, they can control, edit and review their current profile, but more importantly, they can automatically generate property enquiries and applications with the click of a button!


Where can I see a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume?

You can see the data a prospective tenant has put into their Renter Resume when an enquiry or application arrives via your Agent Dashboard or to your office enquiry email.

This data is secure and only accessible to the renter until they choose to share it with you as their prospective property manager.


What information can I see?

When a renter sends through their Renter Resume, you may see a brief bio, their employment history, when they’re available to move, their past tenancy history, employment details, etc.

Tenants with Pets also have the option of including a Pet Resume which will also be included in their Enquiry and Application emails, giving you a better insight into the pets the tenant owns.

Many Renter Resumes will also include a RentCheck – current Equifax ID verification check, and National Tenancy Database (NTD) check. This report is purchased by the tenant and included when they enquire or apply for a property.

This information is designed to speed up the screening process significantly.

NOTE: RentCheck reports on tenants can also be purchase on an ad-hoc basis via your Agent Admin for $10 per check.


How do I access a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume?

If you’re advertising properties on, you’re probably already receiving the new digital tenancy applications with the Renter Resume data included. Simply log into your Agent Dashboard to view the application activity.

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