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Here’s how to make Rent.com.au’s Renter Resume work for your office:

What is a Renter Resume? 

Renter Resume is a snapshot of your prospective tenant. A Renter Resume provides a complete insight into the quality of your prospective tenant, reducing the need to carry out further security checks.

Your prospective tenant will be prompted to complete a number of fields which will be displayed when they apply for a rental property online through Rent.com.au. Renter Resume simplifies the process of finding a quality tenant for your client’s property.

Will all Renter Resumes include a tenancy check?

Each Renter Resume will be slightly different, depending on what information a prospective tenant has chosen to include.

If not, does this mean the renter doesn’t want to be checked?

A Renter Resume may not necessarily have a tenant check completed – this will come down to the individual.

Where can I see a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume? 

You can see the data a prospective tenant has put into their Renter Resume when an enquiry or application arrives via your Agent Dashboard or to your office enquiry email.

This data is secure and only accessible to the renter until they choose to share it with you as their prospective property manager.

How do I access a prospective tenant’s Renter Resume?

If you’re advertising properties on Rent.com.au, you’re probably already receiving the new digital tenancy applications with the Renter Resume data included.

Simply log into your Agent Dashboard to view the application activity.


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