More than 250,000 people have now created a Renter Resume, one of Australia’s most comprehensive renter profile applications.


“This is an amazing result, over a quarter of a million people have used Renter Resume since we launched the feature less than 16 months ago,” said Chief Executive Officer, Greg Bader.

“Even better is that 2018 is setting new records with a 20% lift in daily resumes over our long-term average of 500 per day.”

“But the most pleasing outcome is that we know it is helping people get into their dream property. It frustrates us that in some circles renting still has negative connotations and we need to move past this. 30% of our community are renting, and while affordability is an obvious key driver, we see strong growth in the logical/practical renting segments.”

Positive renter feedback

Amie, 22 is a renter in Dubbo, New South Wales and said the Renter Resume and Pet Resume features were key to her success in applying for her most recent property.

“My partner and I had been applying for properties to no avail on other websites for a week or two and had no response from agents. Then I found – I created a Renter Resume and made two Pet Resumes. Within 24 hours of submitting my property application on, I had a call from the agent approving us and our dogs into the property,” she said.

“I’m convinced it was because of going the extra step to make a Pet Resume and show we were serious about our application.”

Lifestyle Gauges live

“Some months ago, we launched our Suburb Reviews feature. This tool highlights key attributes of a suburb as voted by the most important people – the renters that live there,” Mr Bader said.

“While the standard census data has its place and is common on some of our old-fashioned
competitors, our renters were telling us that sort of information can quickly become stale. With a five-year refresh cycle, it cannot always keep up with lifestyle changes in the suburbs where we want to live.”

“RENT’s Suburb Reviews are the opposite of that; real renters are rating each suburb in real time. The information is always current and will show changes in a suburb over
time.” To date, users have created over 57,000 reviews across 5,700 suburbs.

Mr Bader said that RENT’s new Lifestyle Gauge feature takes this to a new level, as some of the categories are naturally opposing (for example – is your suburb ‘peaceful and quiet,’
or loud and vibrant?’).

“We’re presenting some of that information on a scale, and we can do similar concerning family makeup, such as is an area best suited for families or singles?” he said.

“Not only have our customers allowed Renter Resume to grow into the most comprehensive renter database in the county, but their Suburb Reviews are also building the largest ever ‘lifestyle’ map of the areas we call home. Combined with WalkScore, Transit Score, NBN Status and suburb pricing information, Suburb Reviews continues to help our customers make informed choices.” is Australia's #1 website dedicated to rental property. We exist purely to make Property Managers' and renters' lives easier. Every service we offer is designed to give you the edge you need through better information, more quality applicants and better access to landlords.