’s Renter Resume feature has surged in popularity – more than 175,000 renters on board since its launch in less than 12 months ago.


Every day, Renter Resume helps renters find their perfect home on CEO Greg Bader said Renter Resume has been a fantastic addition since it launched nearly a year ago.

“I would like to think this is starting to have a positive impact on how people who rent are perceived. This aspect is important not just to us at, but also to society as a whole,” he said.

“With the proportion of people renting already more than 30% nationally (about 7.5 million people) and increasing each year, we as a community need accept that for many people, renting is a valid and logical choice that suits their circumstances at a point in time.”

Greg said had seen average of 500 Renter Resumes created per day.

“Mondays are our busiest times for people creating Resumes, as people start their property search. It then starts to drop towards the end of the week and Saturdays are the quietest because people are out inspecting properties. Renter Resume allows them flexibility to either submit their application on the spot or later once they’ve viewed all properties on their shortlist,” he said.

“As a product, I really think it hits that magic spot where it clearly adds value for everyone. Our customers love it for its simplicity and efficiency, and for our agent / landlord partners it offers both time and cost savings.”

Positive renter feedback

Amie, 22 is a renter in Dubbo, New South Wales and said the Renter Resume and Pet Resume features were key to her success in applying for her most recent property.

“My partner and I had been applying for properties to no avail on other websites for a week or two and had no response from agents. Then I found – I created a Renter Resume and made two Pet Resumes. Within 24 hours of submitting my property application on, I had a call from the agent approving us and our dogs into the property,” she said.

“I’m convinced it was because of going the extra step to make a Pet Resume and show we were serious about our application.”

Strong agent support

Harry Bozin, Licensee – Branch Manager at CENTURY 21 Wentworth Real Estate Thornlie said Renter Resume had improved speed and efficiency for his property management department:

“Renter Resume has helped us process tenant enquiries faster and respond in a timelier manner when we receive rental applications,” he said. “That speed goes a long way to working with our landlords and improving application turnaround time.”

RentWest Solutions agent Michelle said their office processes hundreds of applications every week, and they’ve found Renter Resume to be a “really useful” tool.

“Renter Resume helps us quickly assess an applicant and make an informed recommendation to property owners,” she said.

“The extra features – such as the biography, photos, and supporting documentation – really allow an applicant to stand out. And the Pet Resume is a great tool because it very succinctly helps us get to know the other, furry, applicants and decide if they’re a good match for the property. Overall, Renter Resume streamlines the process for renters and is a great help for our property managers.”

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