has launched a new dedicated website for RentBond, the highly-rated rental bond loan service. The move makes it even easier for property managers and tenants to access the many benefits that RentBond offers.

Tenants can quickly apply online for a bond loan by visiting This loan can cover the cost of their rental bond, two weeks’ rent in advance, and any moving expenses, making moving between rentals hassle-free.

There are no admin requirements for property managers, as tenants can fully self-manage their bond loan application. This feature is important as it frees up valuable time for property management offices.

As rents continue to rise, tenants may find themselves in a situation where the bond required for their next rental is significantly higher than the bond they currently have. This is where RentBond provides an excellent solution. It allows tenants to fund the gap or the entire bond amount through affordable monthly repayments. 

RentBond has earned a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, with tenants praising its easy and quick application process. Property managers can confidently offer RentBond, knowing tenants will appreciate its benefits.

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The new RentBond website offers several advantages, including an easier way for property management offices to market the product to potential tenants.

RentBond applicants approved for a loan get the extra benefit of the first 21 days with no interest, fees or charges. This feature makes it an excellent solution for tenants waiting for their previous bond to be refunded. If tenants choose to pay back their RentBond loan after 21 days, interest, fees and charges apply only to the outstanding amount, making it a cost-effective option. 

RentBond can help streamline your tenant sign-on process, ensuring tenants have the necessary funds for their rental bond. With fast approval and funds deposited directly into their nominated account, RentBond can make the process smoother and more efficient. Plus, it saves time and reduces stress for tenants and property managers.

The RentBond website provides valuable information about the RentBond product, including its benefits, how it works, a repayments calculator, and frequently asked questions. Tenants can quickly apply for a bond loan, and as a property manager, you can share information with them to help them understand how RentBond can help them secure their next home.

Accessing RentBond is now even simpler with our new dedicated website. If you want more information about RentBond or are interested in becoming a RentBond partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our agent support team via email or by phone 1300 736 810.