Are you a rental expert? We want you on board!

rental expert
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We’re looking for rental expert agents to answer Reader Questions on the advice blog

We want to put you in the spotlight

Have you seen the Blog? We’ve been asking Renters and Landlords to send us any questions they may have in the Reader Q&A section.

We can answer some of these questions ourselves, but since we have access to amazing people like you, we’d love to have you help us answer these questions.

At, we firmly believe the role of the agent should be celebrated. Putting you under the spotlight is something we’re passionate about. It’ll also help to build your image with Renters and Landlords.

Why it’s important

As brand advocacy is something that we hold in high regard, we take pride in listening to our customers’ needs; whether they are Agents, Landlord or Renters.

Our vision and strategy going forward is about building equity in this space, we want to be seen as the ‘positive voice’ of renting in Australia.

Helping people is our sole existence, and all of our upcoming innovations will serve that purpose.

Get involved!

If you would like to become a regular contributor on the Reader Q&A page, we have an endless supply of questions from tenants and property owners on hand.

All responses will credit you with your name, title, a photo and link to your agency’s website.

Want to get involved? Click here, or email