ASX-listed has reaffirmed its brand purpose “To Make Renting Rewarding” for Australia’s 7 million+ renters and 8,000+ real estate agencies ahead of the launch of more game-changing rental product innovations.

As part of its renewed commitment, Rent has undertaken a brand identity refresh, modernising its logo and visual style to better reflect the evolving changes of renting in Australia.

Refresh: The new Rent logo

Rent CEO, Greg Bader says, “we believe there’s a lot to love about renting. For those who choose to rent our audacious goal is simple; to make renting an awesome alternative to home ownership.”

Whilst the rapid growth of Australians choosing renting over home ownership is well documented, Australia’s biggest residential property players still focus primarily on delivering products and services that support home buyers.

Mr Bader says, “Rent has been in a unique position of being totally focused on renting. We’ve always worked hard to give all parties greater control over the process, whether that’s delivering property managers access to more engaged renters, or enabling renters to feel more supported and optimistic about renting. Our new brand purpose and identity continues to reinforce our commitment to making renting awesome for all of our stakeholders, current and future.”

The challenges of COVID during 2020 has seen a rapid advancement in online tools assisting renters searching for rental properties. Our mission is to ensure the search and application process is as smooth as possible when connecting tenants with the thousands of property management agencies who use to find suitable tenants.

With almost 1 million renters now having created their Renter Resume, as well as over 200,000 Pet Resumes, it’s clear has an important role in meeting the needs of renters throughout Australia. Over the course of 2021, many new advancements will be rolled out to further streamline and simplify the renting process.” (ASX:RNT), is Australia’s largest dedicated renting portal and the #1 rated residential property App in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.