Prospecting is a dreaded word for some New Business Managers, however it is unavoidable for those wanting to be successful in proactively growing their rent roll.

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Guest post – Lauren Kirk – Real+

Everyone would much rather rely on the easy wins – referrals, word of mouth, even sales leads. However, in order to get ahead of the curve and generate more leads we have to prospect.

But, why do we avoid prospecting and find every excuse and reason not to? Prospecting is hard work, that’s a fact, as is the fact that no-one likes to hear the word ‘no’.

The key to shattering these excuses is understanding that it’s all a numbers game. Recognise that every ‘no’ you hear brings you one call closer to generating a lead and making an appointment. There will be a reward for your efforts, but consistency is the key. The more you prospect, the more comfortable and confident you will become in your ability. It’s all about mastering your skill.

So persevere. As your skill improves, so will your ability to generate leads and secure appointments. Which only means one thing – your results will also improve! And remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Lauren Kirk
GM, Coach, Trainer and Consultant at

Lauren has accumulated a vast amount of experience in her 14 years in the real estate industry. With experience in all aspects of real estate, including sales, property management, business development and leadership as well as working with a corporate network to grow and develop their businesses, she has a range of knowledge to assist individuals and teams who are looking to develop, learn and grow within the ever changing property management world.