How do you give a listing everything it needs to make sure you attract quality tenants? Use this guide to get the most out of your next rental listing on

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Show off your best features

Feature descriptions are where the real fun begins. Words do an amazing job of marketing your rental. There is serious value in your ability to write well, so tell prospective tenants about anything you think will help in their search; 57 per cent of our customers tell us that they click on a property based on features and 35 per cent value proper written descriptions above other listing features. Property listings on that receive the highest level of enquiry regularly include a list of features such as pets (30.7%), location (12.5%) and a pool (3.65%).

Be generous and provide extra photos

A great listing requires great photos. Where possible, use perspective to highlight the depth (and/or width) of the property. Our customers tell us that photos are their most valued feature in any listing. The average click-through on properties with one photo or less was 14%, which shows a lack of photos can be a key deterrent against tenant enquiry.

The quality of your photos is key

On initial impression, your key image is a powerful selling point. The first thing people see is vital to convince them to read on. Before you take a photo, get as much light into the room as possible. Our insights tell us people looking for a home respond better to sunny and bright rooms, and are deterred by blurry and dark images, often taken without a flash. Our statistics show that renters look for photos showing cleanliness (31 per cent), design (22 per cent), and property features before anything else. Whatever you do, don’t forget photos that show size (20 per cent), the kitchen (11 per cent) and the bathroom (8 per cent).

Stop trying to look like everyone else

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s not always the case in this industry. Try not to mimic other listings – being different will make yours stand out from the rest. Keep your copy interesting with descriptive imagery and tantalising adjectives. An easy way to enhance your copy is to use synonyms. Rather than using ‘spacious,’ why not opt for ‘roomy,’ ‘ample’ or ‘sizeable’? Our users tell us listings that don’t show the full picture of the property (24 per cent), or forget to mention whether pets are allowed (10.5 per cent), are quickly skipped over.

Lead with a compelling headline

Command attention with a bold, informative headline. Some basic guidelines: If you must use an exclamation mark, stick to just one. And where possible, don’t write in caps. Is your headline going to grab someone’s attention? Does it stand out from its listing neighbours? Give your prospective renters a reason to click on your listing – even if it’s out of sheer curiosity.

Don’t forget the essentials

This is key. We know renters will start their search by inputting basic criteria to narrow down their options. Based on our surveys, renters say they sort by number of beds (46 per cent), the type of property (25 per cent), the number of bathrooms (13 per cent), and a weekly price (11 per cent). When filtering, they are most interested in extra features such as air-conditioning, the lease period, the property’s location in a suburb and whether there are amenities nearby.

Keep your local area in mind

Your task is to convince a prospective tenant that they want not only the house, but the accompanying lifestyle. Give them a clear idea of what living in this property would be like. Mention the nearby schools and the property’s proximity to public transport and supermarkets. It’s tricky to know what each renter is after, so cover your bases.

Avoid using too many cliches

Location, location, location! Yawn. We’ve all seen this. Listings featuring this phrase could be scrolled straight past. Diagnosis? A likely case of cliché fatigue. Where possible, try to avoid their overuse. Moreover, don’t exaggerate. Prospective tenants are more likely to trust you if they know they can trust your ads. ‘Splendid’, ‘conveniently located’, and ‘hidden gem’ – find a new way to say it, no matter how true it is.

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