At a time when automating property management functions is becoming crucial in keeping up with the ever-increasing demands on property managers, using a bulk portal uploader can be a great asset.

Did you know? It takes the same effort to enter your properties into a portal uploader system as it takes to enter a property on just one website you advertise on. 

If you’re manually loading properties for rent and sale to property search sites, a portal uploader can help get you more exposure, while saving you time (and money).

We have two great low-cost uploader deals for customers, but here are a few extra benefits that come with using a portal uploader:

Reduce admin time, and improve speed and efficiency

Consider this: Does your team manually enter your properties onto more than one website? For the cost of a week’s worth of takeaway coffee, they could enter those properties once, and let the portal uploader distribute the listings to multiple sites.

An uploader can even update your own website! Once a property is leased, you can remove it from all the sites it’s published to with the click of a button. No more getting calls about properties that have already been leased/sold.

Are you struggling with securing great tenants?

Most renters will search for properties across multiple websites. If you only advertise on one website, you’re missing out on a potentially wider choice of prospective tenants to choose from.

Your properties can also be easily missed if they’re buried deep behind features listings taking priority in suburbs with high vacancies.

A portal uploader will not only list your available rentals on websites you have a paid subscription, but you’ll also get access to free-to-list sites like, giving you increased reach to a wider audience of renters, homebuyers and landlords.

Find out about our great portal uploader offers

As a customer, you have access to two lost-cost portal uploader options – both available for just $33/month. These two options will allow you to bulk load your rental and sale listings. There’s also an option to load all listings you’ve previously advertised.

View the offer details from Property Publisher (by Renet) and Don’t forget to quote’s offer code (RENT2020AU), or mention if you call.

Are you already using an uploader and forgot to link to Our agent services team can get you set up today. Send us an email to get started.

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