Looking for help on Portal Upload systems?

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What is a portal upload system?

Portal upload systems allow you to enter your property listings into the system once, then your listings will be advertised on all the real estate portals you select (so long as you are subscribed to them).


Is this just for rentals, or can it be used for my properties for sale too?

These services take care of both your rentals and properties for sale, so even though rent.com.au is a dedicated rental property website, these systems will also support the for sale sites you use.


What happens to the properties I have already entered into the website I use?

In many cases these uploaders can offer an import of your existing listings into their system.


Is rent.com.au receiving any financial kickbacks from these suppliers?

No. We are doing this to help your business get greater efficiency and maximise your marketing exposure.

This will make sure every listing you have will automatically be loaded to our website to you can access the huge renter and landlord audience now using rent.com.au.


How do I find a portal uploader?

As a rent.com.au registered user we have accessed fantastic specials offers from a number of portal upload system suppliers to help you get up and running.

Some have basic upload systems, right up to fully fledged CRM systems, but all let you enter your properties once and have them listed on rent.com.au, as well many more. They can also be linked to your own website.

View a full list of Upload systems compatible with rent.com.au here.