Property Managers are loving’s new ‘Pet Resume’ feature, helping them start the conversation about Fido’s future in their client’s property.

pet resume

In October, surveyed more than 1,300 Australian renters on the topic of ‘renting with pets’ and found, overwhelmingly, that 42% of renters found it ‘extremely difficult’ to find a place to rent which would also accept their pets, despite almost two thirds (or 63 per cent) of Australian households owning pets.

Renters regularly face obstacles in their search for a pet-friendly property. While many landlords might choose to eventually welcome pets, only 25% of’s property listings specify ‘pets allowed,’ narrowing the scope of enquiry that might otherwise come to a listing.

Our research has shown that around 50% of listings do not state clearly whether a property is pet-friendly or not. Moreover, 80% of agents told us that leaving a property’s pet friendliness ‘unspecified,’ means the matter is open for negotiation.

That in mind, we asked agents across Australia for feedback on rental applications and what criteria would encourage them (and the property owner) to consider accepting pets into the property.

Key criteria included:

  • References from previous property managers / landlords
  • Number of pets
  • Type of pet (cat / dog, etc)

Thus, the Pet Resume feature was born.

For renters, Pet Resume is a detailed summary of their pet’s best qualities and a chance to show whether they have been vaccinated, registered and trained.

When you receive a Pet Resume as part of the Renter Resume, you’ll see key information about a pet, including its type, registration and proof of vaccinations. Together with the extra renter information provided through the Renter Resume and’s new digital application form, this is designed to speed up the screening process significantly.

It’s not just for big dogs either. Renters can create a Pet Resume for all animals, even though cats and dogs seem to make up the bulk of pet choices to date.

Approximately one third of new Renter Resumes also have a Pet Resume attached.

In the last half year, has released a stream of new products and features for customers and made improvements to site functionality.

With customer experience at the core, agents, landlords and renters are now engaging in new ways with the RENT value proposition. You can read more about this here.

What do property agents think?

Investment Property Specialist Jeannette Nguyen from Sydney-based agency Devine Real Estate said presentation was key when lodging a property application:

“Providing a Pet Resume together with the application demonstrates to a landlord that they take pet ownership seriously and will take full responsibility for their pet’s health, behaviour and council registrations and vaccinations,” Ms Nguyen said.

“This can reassure an owner that in keeping a pet, the property will be maintained to a high standard – as if it were the tenant’s own property.”

The team at is constantly looking for ways to streamline the application process and help Australia’s 7 million renters find the best property for their needs.

With Pet Resume now in place, agents and their owners will have a better picture of who they are approving, and are encouraged to consider allowing pets, where appropriate, while advertising properties on

As more and more property managers educate their property investors in the benefits of allowing tenants to have approved pets on the property to secure a good long term tenant, along with legislation changes as in NSW, Pet Resume is a valuable qualifying tool for the industry.