Meeting demand for convenience and speed has introduced a feature on its listings to appeal to customer demands. All listings on now show the current NBN status, part of a larger mission to help Australian rent-seekers make a more informed decision.

Data in an easy-to-digest format

The NBN status can expand to show what type of connection the home has, or if it has no connection, and when NBN will become available.

NBN Image (2)


Demand from renters has driven this development, with many finding the NBN website not quite up to scratch – as well many renters often too time-poor to check the status of each property individually.

The way this information has been incorporated means customers can now filter the results based on NBN availability, much like they have been able to do with Walk Score – neither of these features are available on competitor websites.

The ‘NBN is scheduled’ stamp

A property will only receive an NBN is scheduled stamp if receives an estimated ‘ready for service’ date – otherwise the property will be marked as ‘NBN status unknown,’ in which case it’s recommended renters check the NBN website.

About one third of the listings currently on offer NBN connectivity.

It’s the little things

The addition of the Pet Resume feature, now incorporated into Renter Resume, has been a clear winner in demonstrating incremental value to renters, landlords and agents alike.

Around 25% of landlords are happy to say they will take pets and 25% won’t, but the other 50% won’t specify either way.

This means the owners of that 50% are probably open to pets,  but simply want more information.

But Pet Resume is just one of part of the larger Renter Resume rent-seekers are asked to fill out. They have an option to have a full application on the database which allows a potential tenant to apply for a property as they’re walking through an inspection, with a single click.


The benefit for Agents

It’s important to note that these tools don’t deliberately have a power-to-the-renter focus: There are plenty of benefits here for property managers too.

Under all the changes to, reference checks are verified and at your fingertips. Adding options like NBN, Walk Score and Pet Resume have made a listing far more attractive to a prospective tenant.

As well as finding you a good tenant, can use the same approach to finding an owner a good property manager. Agents on the Premium Plan are given a free branded listing in the Find a Property Manager search page, putting their office in the spotlight for any owners looking to appoint a property manager in their suburb.

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