Every property listing on Rent.com.au now shows its current NBN status, designed to make prospective tenants better informed before they submit an application.

We’ve added a new feature to Rent.com.au to make the renting process less difficult for all involved. An NBN status is now visible on all properties, so renters can quickly detect which homes have speedy internet readily available.

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Easy to digest

Rent.com.au customers have been asking for this feature for some time. While NBN information is already available via the NBN website, it is a cumbersome process, and no one has the time to check each property individually. This public information is now presented in a format that is easier to digest for our customers.

nbn data

How do you read the data?

We present the data in two levels of detail:

  • When a renter searches for property in their chosen suburb they can see basic NBN information on the summary of each property, displayed as one of three possibilities (NBN is available, NBN is scheduled, or the NBN status is unknown.)
  • The second level of detail is displayed when the customer clicks on a property listing. On this page, more information is shown such as the large technology type whether it is a fixed line, wireless, satellite or if NBN is not available at that property yet, when it is scheduled.


The ‘NBN is scheduled’ stamp

A property will only receive an NBN is scheduled stamp if Rent.com.au receives an estimated ‘ready for service’ date – otherwise the property will be marked as ‘NBN status unknown,’ in which case it’s recommended renters check the NBN website.

About one third of the listings currently on Rent.com.au offer NBN connectivity.


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