When a boom cycle starts changing to a softer market, property management departments often feel the pinch.

When sales department revenue starts to decline and vacancies increase, this can put some real pressures on the marketing budgets of real estate offices, and the property management department can often be the first area to suffer.

If your office is looking for new low-cost marketing options to reach more tenants and stand out from the pack, then rent.com.au can offer you a real point of difference.

Here’s what’s available to your office:

We recently launched the Exclusive Suburb Sponsorship. This tool allows you to display your listings at the top of every page of your suburb’s search results. The Exclusive Suburb Sponsorship option comes complete with agency branding, combining the ‘Exclusive Top Listing’ with a ‘Local Ads for Agents’ banner ad, also included in the search results.

Why we love this: Your office gets a dominant position in your key suburb/s.

Rent.com.au also has a number of innovative advertising plans for your office, including the Premium Plan, where all your properties are automatically upgraded as Enhanced Listings (our largest ad size).

For more information on the rent.com.au Premium Plan, as well as other clever low-cost marketing options, visit our Agent Solutions page.

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