In the world of property management, we can be certain that on any given week, a portion of our time will be dedicated to repairs and maintenance.

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Guest post – Kate Benjamin – Real+

An expert property manager knows that having the right “support crew” in place can make or break the success of our repairs process.

“What support crew?”

Our tradies, suppliers, repairers and regular maintenance teams – gardeners, pool maintenance providers, cleaners etc. Preferred suppliers are an extension of our agency. They are representing our brand and us as property managers. This being the case, it is important that we have the right expectations set, when it comes to handing out work and what service is delivered by our trades.

First thing is first – have a preferred supplier agreement. Set clear expectations with your most regularly used trades and suppliers. Questions you need to ask yourselves as an agency, to include in your preferred supplier agreement include:

  • How will work orders be delivered? (email, maintenance workflow, phone for emergencies?)
  • How quickly do you expect contact to be made tenant?
  • If supplier is unable to contact the tenant, what action will they be expected to take?
    Must the supplier have the ability to collect keys from the office?
  • Will the supplier be required to provide photos before and after work is complete?
  • What regular update on all outstanding jobs will they be expected to provide?
  • What is the expected turn-around time?
  • If the repair is deemed an urgent repair, how promptly will it be addressed?
  • If a quote is necessary to complete work what response time is expected?
  • What are your agency payment terms?
  • Upon completion of the job, when is an invoice expected and how will this be provided to the agency?

Once we have answered these questions, we must set out a preferred supplier agreement, detailing our expectations. In addition to our expectations, a crucial element of the agreement is ensuring that in addition to the meeting our criteria, each supplier must provide all necessary evidence of trade licenses and public liability insurance.

Kate Benjamin
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Whilst Kate is knowledgeable in all areas of Property Management, including creating seamless property management processes, her true passion is business development.