As a property manager, your goal is to keep your tenants satisfied and your landlord’s investment profitable.

You want to maintain a professional relationship with your tenants that is cordial and respectful. Here are five tips you can apply to foster positive interactions and keep your tenants happy:

Keep a level head

Remember that nothing is resolved with anger. When issues arise, communicate calmly to resolve them quickly. In conversations over potentially contentious issues, try to maintain a level tone and be polite. Showing your professionalism and maturity as an agent will make it easier for your tenants to trust and respect you.

Show mutual respect

As an agent, it’s crucial to respect your tenants’ rights and privacy. Avoid showing up unannounced, treating your tenants like employees, or overstepping boundaries. Instead, show that you understand and respect that your tenants want to live peacefully in a comfortable home.

Keep up with maintenance

As a property manager, you have a duty of care to provide hospitable accommodation. This includes prompt repairs for broken appliances or systems like hot water. Neglecting to fix issues quickly is not only disrespectful to your tenants but could also breach your contract.

Consider second chances

If your tenant is causing noise complaints or made a mistake like missing a rental payment, consider giving them a second chance. Raining fire on your tenants is not the solution, and it could result in a vacant property. Instead, work with them to address the issue and find a solution.

Put everything in writing

To protect yourself and your tenants, get everything in writing. This includes agreements and promises made, with names and dates clearly stated. If you say you’re going to do something, make every effort to follow through on your word. If it’s not possible, communicate with your tenants and work together to find an alternative solution.

In summary, maintaining a positive tenant-agent relationship requires calm communication, honesty, and respect. By showing your professionalism and understanding of your tenants’ needs, you can keep the relationship sweet and maintain a profitable investment for your landlord.