Lauren Robinson has long held her focus on transforming the level of customer service her team offers. As principal/licensee and director of property management at Rental Results, Robinson and her team were proud recipients of two awards at PPM Group’s ‘Best of the Best’ gala presentation in 2019.

Rental Results, a specialist property management company in Brisbane picked up multiple accolades at the 2019 event: Property Management Agency of the Year and Property Management Social Media & Website of the Year.

The company has been in business for over six years, and today Rental Results manages a rent roll of more than 500 rental properties. Robinson said she and her team focus on adding value to their clients and growing their wealth through property investment.

“For our industry to stay relevant, we need to be thinking bigger and outside the box,” she said. “As the leader at Rental Results, I continually invest in educating myself and learning from outside the industry as well as inside so that we can continue to do what we love – property management.”

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Recognition driving team and company growth

“Winning these PPM awards will help us to continue pushing forward,” Robinson said. “Our focus is on our customers and the service delivery we provide.”

“Our goal is to be a transformation business, as opposed to a transaction business. We want to wow our clients at every touchpoint on the customer journey, so we’re continually looking for ways to improve.” 

How PPM’s awards acknowledge growth at a national level

“The PPM Property Management Conference is one of the best in the industry. Each year as a team we make a point of entering the awards,” Robinson said.

Her business is no stranger to success at PPM – Robinson herself took home the award for Property Manager of the Year in 2017. Their leasing manager Connie Morton was recognised for her professionalism, approachable and motivation as Leasing Consultant of the Year in 2018.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to recognise the efforts of your team, whilst also having an opportunity to network and learn from some of the best agents in Australia,” she said. 

Robinson offered some advice to property management teams thinking about putting themselves into the ring for future industry awards. “Speak to the finalists and winners in each category and find out how they operate as individuals and businesses,” she said.

“This will not only assist you with your award submission but also give you ideas to implement and help you raise the bar within your own business.”

A focus on the future

“For our office, we want to continue to be a high-touch, high-tech organisation – it’s where the industry is going,” Robinson said. “Our customers want the professionalism and knowledge that an experienced property professional can provide, whilst also implementing new technology to make our jobs easier and more efficient.”

“We need to focus on the high-value areas for Rental Results, which our clients not only want but expect from us as a business.” 

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