Access to the latest rental statistics through RentReports can help with your management appraisal presentations, rent reviews and investment property sales.

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For agents and property managers

Agents and property managers that want to ensure they have the most up-to-date rental data to assist with presentations and rent reviews can benefit from using’s RentReports tool – included free with the Premium Plan and the Highlight Plan.

Don’t approach your next rent review unprepared. Compare with other properties in the area using real-time data from to find out rental prices, vacancy periods and recent trends.

RentReports will arm you with information and vital stats for any suburb – vital market information that will help back your recommendations. The report comes in a detailed, professional presentation for you to show and send to your owners. RentReports come customised with your agency name and can also be tailored to add your client’s name.

Your RentReports purchase includes:

Rental pricing trends
Compare the median rent for the last 30 days to recent trends in rent pricing.

Rental overview
Find out the median rent for the last 30 days and how it compares to previous months.

Days on market
Compare the last 90 days with recent trends for the average number of days on market for rental properties.

Rental prices
Find out the rent prices over the last 30 days and compare with similar properties.

Find out the availability and the distribution of properties on market for the last 30 days.

Surrounding suburbs
Compare the availability of your suburb to surrounding suburbs.

Leased rentals
View a list of the last 10 recently leased rental properties.

Suburb overview
Find out how many rental properties there are for your suburb, and how they are managed.

Availability trends
Compare the last 30 days of available rental properties to recent availability trends

Available rentals
View a list of currently available rental properties in the suburb.

Key findings
All the key information that you need to know about rental properties for your chosen suburb.

Packed with everything you’d expect

RentReports include data drawn from currently and recently advertised properties, as well as historical trends. View a sample report here. RentReports come in a standard PDF format, viewable on any computer. You’ll receive your report by email and can access it online at any time.

Get a RentReport for your suburb

For any agent / property manager listing their property on, access to free RentReports is included in the Premium Plan and the Highlight Plan.