The holiday season is fast approaching

It is end of the year review time for many Real Estate businesses. Not only is it the end of year for many agencies, it also is time when many team members take a few extra days off.


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The key is to be planning now and implementing before the holiday season hits. Take the time to lay out how you intend to use your time between now and the end of the year.  Also, start getting appointments firmed up now with all your major clients and prospects. This is a perfect time to do a mini property reviews with them to discuss 2017.

Here are a few things I would recommend you consider to refill the motivational gas tank.

Re-assess your goals

You’re in Real Estate for a reason, right? Sometimes the day-to-day life of being busy or just plain tired can cloud both our short-term and long-term goals and ambitions. We begin to question why we’re even here. With all the work involved, sometimes I forget why we come to work every day. But when I try to remind myself about my original motivation for doing something, it brings me back on my feet.

Stay Positive

This is the last stretch of 2016, and if you really put your mind to it and all your efforts into doing the best in your role now, the more you’ll be proud of your success and the more you’ll have reason to celebrate in 2017. You don’t want to have any regrets like: “I should have or I could have done… better”. Regrets are not the way to start a new year.

Enjoy your Real Estate Career!

Some of the ups, downs, and stresses of Real Estate and Property Management are experiences you’ll only have during the day to day role. Don’t bring that stress home with you and enjoy all the added bonuses and career in Real Estate has to offer.

Remember always do more of what make you happy!

Tara Bradbury

Tara Bradbury is the Director of the highly recognised consultancy and coaching business BDM Academy, specialising in business development and rent roll growth training services throughout Australasia.