Are you scratching your head over your growth in 2015? 


  • Are you sure that your office is recognizing all the leads coming through your office door?
  • Have you got a system in place that’s monitoring this?
  • Are leads coming in, and you’re office just isn’t converting them into listings?
  • How can you fix this? AND do you know what to do next?

The below information is what Deniz Yusuf does with agencies he trains, so as a partnership, we can turn that around and convert more listings for the office, and WIN more new business.

Are you not growing at the new numbers that you would like to achieve?

There’s two factors to check:

  • Does your office have enough new management leads? (Focus would be lead generation strategies)
  • If your office has plenty of new leads, but the team may not be converting these leads to new managements. (Focus is skills / follow up training of your team)

Most agencies I start to train need to be working on B more, then when we dry up the leads that are leaking out, we move into A….generate more leads.

  1. Identify the blockages & understand your current new business process
    If you are not achieving the growth numbers you would to like – it would be of because of either above A or B. Once we understand this we can focus our energy improving the processes
  2. Goal setting & Targets
    (Do you currently have targets / what has been the performance since the commencement?) this will provide bench mark to improve. Do you have a growth chart in place? If so great as it should be reviewed weekly, so you can ascertain what the next steps would be (Are you on track to reach the goals? If not…work on how you’re going to reach them). Set up a growth chart with each month on it with goals and targets being visible to all.
  3. Do you have current method of tracking the leads?
    It’s important to all business that you have a system of tracking your leads. Your office needs to know where your income is coming from, so you can set a strategy for continued growth, and work on what areas your office is lacking. HOW can you fix, what you don’t know is failing? Its great getting the leads in, but we are here to grow the business. This now takes us to the next step.
  4. Accountability & follow up to the individual listing agents
    What’s being done with the leads? This is having a KPI system that you monitor weekly, to ensure that your listing agents are working to the fullest capabilities.
  5. Conversions.
    The KPI system will help your office, so you can see where the office is losing the business, helping with understanding where the leads are being lost for the next step.
  6. Training on scripts and dialogues
    Work with your staff individually so you can get the best out of your listing agents. Have meetings with them and work out why and how they’re losing the business, so you then can work together on scripts and dialogues for practice. Roll play together, yes it’s uncomfortable to do this, but better to make the mistake in front of your staff than to a client. More practice, more knowledge you gain from this, the better they’ll get, so they’re prepared for the real life client.
  7. Follow-ups (when and how)
    Even if you lose the listing, this doesn’t mean that you STOP calling the client, put a plan in place to keep in contact with your leads, continue the relationship, and work together as a team within your office on when you need to follow up. The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
    Leads are already coming into YOUR office, work on highlighting the areas of the blockage and put things in place so there’s no leaking. (This comes back to A & B)
Deniz Yusuf
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Deniz Yusuf is a consultant, coach and mentor through BDMCoach to agents across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Having already impacted the industry consulting with McGrath Group, Rental Express and more, he’s also started the InspiredGrowth Annual Conference that now opens the door for inspirational learning to non-BDMCoach members. Training isn't just about rent roll growth, but self-belief, inspiration, confidence and results.