’s Premium Plan gives agents a Business Profile listing on the Find a Property Manager search, promoting your property management services to landlords. 

If your agency is focused on rent roll growth, your position in the Find a Property Manager search page is key. 


1. Your business profile in Find a Property Manager

The Premium Plan gives you a Business Profile listing in the Find a Property Manager search. The position of your Business Profile in the Find a Property Manager search is based on the date you sign up on the Premium Plan. The earlier you sign up, the higher you’ll appear on the list.

2. A link to your Business Profile page

As a Premium Plan agent, you have access to a customisable Business Profile page to showcase your property management services. Find out how to set-up your Business Profile and update your logo, branding colour and marketing message.


3. Grow your rent roll with new management leads

Landlords looking for an agent to manage their investment properties can use’s tool RentQuotes. RentQuotes helps landlords find agents servicing their suburb. Landlords can contact as many agents as they like in that suburb using one simple form.

It takes less than a minute for landlords to enter their details and choose which agents they would like to hear from.

As a Premium Plan agent, your Business Profile will appear in your chosen suburb, improving your visibility and attracting new management opportunities.


3. How to access your management leads



There are two ways you can receive and access your RentQuotes management leads:

  • All RentQuotes leads will be sent to the email address you listed in your office details on your Agent Dashboard. If you would like a specific team member to receive RentQuotes leads:
    • Click the Contacts icon on the header menu in your Agent Dashboard. You can add your team members on this page.
    • To assign a new email address to receive RentQuotes leads, click the blue Edit button under the Actions column.
    • Scroll down the page of contact details for your team member until you see this section. You can click the checkbox for your team member to Receive property management leads.


  • Alternatively, you can find your RentQuotes leads in the RentQuotes section of your Agent Dashboard. All leads will be stored here, but you should also receive an email to your default enquiry email address (as above).

Need more information? Call’s Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 or email us on [email protected] for details to help you get started.