Your enquiry emails now include Equifax verification, streamlining the application process and showing better-qualified tenants for your properties.

When a renter applicant completes the online Equifax ID verification through RentCheck, you’ll now see this highlighted in the property enquiry you receive. The enquiry will also show a clear National Tenancy Database (NTD) record check, where applicable.

This information is also visible on the RentCheck Report that comes included with the applicant’s Renter Resume.

You can access the renter’s full details from the Agent Dashboard on Here’s more information on getting the most out of your Agent Dashboard.

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Are you using Inspectrealestate (IRE)?

You may not receive these enquiry emails unless you have set up a forward rule in your Inspectrealestate system (ROL Email Forwarding) for the ‘Rent’ Portal list: “Forward email when the subject line contains ‘New rental enquiry from'”.

If you have questions about the new enquiry emails or feedback, email [email protected] or call the Account Management team on 1300 736 810.

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