Renters looking to demonstrate their good tenancy history can now request feedback from property managers through’s Endorsements.

Endorsements, available as an upgrade option for renters who purchase a RentCheck through their Renter Resume, has rolled out on mobile and desktop.

The new feature invites users to request an endorsement from a property manager attached to a property they previously rented and identify in the Renter Resume’s residential history section.

Tenants who have received endorsements by their property manager will have these added to their Renter Resume, adding another great profiling tool for property managers.

How the Endorsements feature works:

To activate Endorsements, a renter must upgrade their Renter Resume by purchasing a RentCheck, which ensures they are ID verified and had an NTD check completed. This is where they will be given the option to add endorsements for previous properties they’ve rented.

Your office will receive an email from, notifying you that a tenant has requested an endorsement for their past tenancy with you.

An example of an email requesting an endorsement from an agency.

You can choose to endorse the tenant for a number of good tenancy behaviours, where applicable, including:

  • Always paid on time;
  • Kept the place clean;
  • Maintained the gardens;
  • Easy to communicate with;
  • Always polite and friendly; and
  • Received full bond back.

Once you’ve endorsed a former tenant, your name/office name won’t show on their Renter Resume, but the features you and other property managers endorse them for will show as a collective total.

Why Endorsements works

The majority of renters and property managers have a great working relationship, understand the tenancy rules and show respect for each other. Using Endorsements is a great way for property managers to provide a quick and visible recommendation that will help build up a renter’s resume for their next property.

Have questions about the new Endorsements feature? Get in touch with your Account Management Team on 1300 736 810 or email