There is a lot of talk around the “disruption” of our industry.

The reality is companies are listening to what consumers are saying about their property management experience, you’ve heard of them; Airbnb, Urbankeyz, Purple Bricks, Rentwolf, Rent360. There are more, and there will be others.


Guest author – Amy Sanderson, Head of Property Investment Management at LJ Hooker

The current question is, will your average property investor want a ‘do it yourself’ style model? There is a market for it, but it won’t suit everyone, all the time.

As an industry, what we need to be mindful of is that there are conversations about property management happening on social media, at backyard BBQ’s, shopping centres and in Australian homes, and on the surface, it appears that people are dissatisfied with the overall service we provide.

Whether we like it or not, change is coming, it’s coming fast, and it is consumer driven. What this model looks like is yet to be seen.

So, how do we prepare and gear up for this change? Most importantly we need to remain relevant to the consumer. The current conversation is something like; “property managers get in the way of getting the job done” in some cases, this is correct, however, in most cases, it is not.

We need to change this conversation to ensure we hold a secure position with property investors and tenants. It’s time to starting talking about the positive stories experienced.

LJ Hooker is running a campaign #pmstory. We are asking each of our offices to share the positive experiences that they have every day with tenants, landlords and the public. We are turning the conversation around focusing on these good news stories, which are often overlooked. In doing, so we will cement and reinforce our relevance as professionals.

Now is our opportunity to make a difference in the property management world. Today, more than ever, we need to remain relevant in the eyes of those we work with. We need investors and tenants to enjoy dealing with their property manager and believe that we add value to them. Will you join us? #pmstory

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Amy Sanderson
Amy Sanderson
Head of Property Investment Management at | [email protected]

With 20 years’ experience within the real estate industry across sales, property investment management, team performance, training and consulting all over Australia and New Zealand, Amy Sanderson knows how real estate agents think and feel. Amy is a licensed real estate agent and business agent, a qualified trainer and business consultant.