The four renter tiers: Which best fits your tenant?

Renting doesn't have to be something you do while you save for a house - it can be a way of life. But how renting...

Rental market update – August 2016

Seven of the eight Australian capitals saw an increase in median rent in August from July, with Sydney the most expensive for renters, according...
insights renterinsights whatrentersarethinking rentersurvey rentcomau agentinformation insights: What renters are thinking today

Renters aren’t afraid to share their views. Here's some insight into how they find the process of obtaining a property in Australia today: In today's market,... celebrates 1-year since ASX listing

ince its establishment in 2007, and particularly in the last 12 months, has undergone a period of rapid and exciting growth.

Renter needs overlooked in pursuit of ‘Great Australian Dream,’ reveals election survey

While housing affordability continued as a key issue in the final days of the Federal Election campaign, Renters are calling for more support, improved services, financial incentives and the recognition of renting as an accepted lifestyle choice in Australia.

She’s young and runs the world from her mobile

Are you a female aged between 25-34 and searching online for your new home for your family?

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